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Youtube vs Tiktok: The End becomes first Indian video to hit 10M likes on YouTube

Carryminati’s latest video, YouTube vs Tiktok has broken every possible record out there on YouTube. Moments ago, it crosses 10M likes on YouTube.YouTube vs Tiktok


On May 8, Carry uploaded a video named Youtube vs Tiktok: The End which made history in it’s own. It broke several world records including the most liked Indian video on YouTube. But now after shattering bunch of record, this video has crossed 10M likes on YouTube and put it’s name in the history book by becoming “the first ever Indian video to reach this milestone“.

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In just 4 days of the video going live, it has gained over 63M views, 10M likes, 796K comments, millions of tweets, hundreds of news articles and many more. At a young age of 21, Carryminati a.k.a. Ajey Nagar has become a global sensation. From been a comedy creator on YouTube who makes roasting videos to be selected in Forbes 30 under 30 list last year, Ajey has transformed his life totally. He credit all these achievements to his fans and supporters who watched his videos regularly from the start.

He had 10.9M subscribers till May 7, but soon after uploading the YouTube vs Tiktok video, his statistics blasted off. In just 4 days he has gained 5M subscribers and over 100 Million views, making his channel the fastest growing channel in the world right now. The likes to dislikes ratio on this video is amazing. The video has comparatively very less dislikes (163K). The video is very close to pass Mr. Beast‘s most liked(12.8M) non-music video on YouTube. But can it really pass it by!

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He’s being doing live stream on his second channel afterwards. The response on the latest video has made him a popular name not just in India but globally. Now it will be interesting to see what’s next for Carryminati. Will it be a comedy commentary video or something else! We will have to wait.

Kumar Ujjal
Kumar Ujjal
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