NewsXiaomi Weather App Not Showing Arunachal Pradesh Locations, China claims on the...

Xiaomi Weather App Not Showing Arunachal Pradesh Locations, China claims on the land

The capital and major towns of India's North East state Arunachal Pradesh could not make it's way to the Xiaomi Weather app.

Xiaomi Weather Not Showing Arunachal Pradesh Locations
Xiaomi Weather Not Showing Arunachal Pradesh Locations

World’s biggest and most popular tech YouTuber Technical Guruji aka Gaurav Chaudhary has uploaded a video, related to a major issue in Xiaomi smartphones. He had received an email from his YouTube subscriber, which reveals that Xiaomi Weather not showing Arunachal Pradesh locations in his Xiaomi smartphone.

The user who has mailed regarding this issue to Technical Guruji wrote :

Sir, iam from Arunachal pradesh and currently using redmi note 7pro with all the latest updates and whenever i check weather in the app provided in the phone, i am unable to get my location in its weather app, in fact there is no arunachal in its weather app. to know more you can also try its weather app and type the major town of Arunachal like for eg. itanagar, pasighat , tezu etc it will show no result.
it is of serious concern.

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Xiaomi Weather Not Showing Arunachal Pradesh Locations – Is This True ?

To check the user’s claim, Gaurav Chaudhary tested this in his Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 9 Pro. He also found that the capital of Arunachal Pradesh is not listed in the Xiaomi Weather app.

INFOTONLINE team also tested it for Itanagar, Tawang, Pasighat, Tezu and we got the same result. We couldn’t find locations of Arunachal Pradesh in their weather app that comes pre-installed with a Xiaomi smartphone.

We have gone through the comment section of Technical Guruji’s YouTube video and tweet, to know whether few of them are getting this issue or every Xiaomi user is facing it. What we found, is everyone complaining about the issue who have Xiaomi smartphones.

Since the People’s Republic of China came into existence, they never recognized Arunachal Pradesh as the integral part of India. They claims Arunachal Pradesh as the South Tibet of PRC.

Now, it seems like Xiaomi is not considering Arunachal Pradesh as part of India even though they generate millions and billions from Indian market. Before this, Xiaomi was also involved in pushing banned apps to users’ smartphones that launched after the ban.

After Galwan valley’s clash between India-China, Indian government has banned multiple mobiles apps as they were violating the policies. Some of Xiaomi’s apps were also listed in the ban list and got removed from play store for the Indian region.

As of now, Xiaomi India has not responded to this and they might try to back off by calling it a bug or something else as they won’t be able to tolerate the loss of Indian smartphone market.

Update : Xiaomi India has issued clarification regarding Xiaomi Weather App, called it technical glitch.

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  1. They are doing propaganda of CCP. Time to make alternatives for chinese alternative. And if it just a bug then why only Arunachal Pradesh is not showing.


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