OpinionXiaomi's Weather App controversy : Glitch or Agenda?

Xiaomi’s Weather App controversy : Glitch or Agenda?

Xiaomi Weather App Controversy

Xiaomi India is getting into trouble after unveiling of Xiaomi Weather App issues, by world’s biggest tech YouTuber Technical Guruji aka Gaurav Chaudhary. When the major issue of Xiaomi Weather brought through a YouTube video, Twitter got heated up with users’ reaction.

They were asking for the proper explanation regarding the issue, with the hash tag #XiaomiJawabDo and some of the Indians started a hash tag #boycottxiaomi to boycott the Chinese company ‘Xiaomi’, for not showing locations of Arunachal Pradesh in Xiaomi’s default Weather app.

Some users might have question, “Why are there issues on Arunachal Pradesh locations and people are boycotting Xiaomi ?”. The answer is, China always claims Arunachal Pradesh as their part and never recognizes AP as Indian state and when some users found that Chinese company Xiaomi is also not showing locations of Arunachal Pradesh in Xiaomi Weather App, that’s why Indian users speculated that Xiaomi India is supporting Chinese agenda.

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Xiaomi’s Clarification on Xiaomi Weather App is Absurd ?

After a long time, Xiaomi issued a clarification for which Xiaomi Weather was not showing locations of Arunachal Pradesh. What their spokesperson called it is, technical glitch. This kind of clarification seems completely absurd.

Xiaomi Weather obtains their weather data from 3rd party like AccuWeather or The Weather Channel and other smartphone vendors also obtains their data from these two then how this issue can be limited to Xiaomi only ?

Second thing that comes into the mind is, how Xiaomi Weather app was mainly not showing the locations of Arunachal Pradesh which China claims as their part ?

The article we had published yesterday, it was mentioned that “…Xiaomi India…might try to back off by calling it a bug or something else…“. And this is what Xiaomi has used to defend them.

Another coincidence is that founder of Xiaomi, Lei Jun is deputy of National People’s Congress, a kind of parliamentary body of China.

Now, users are getting locations of Arunachal Pradesh in Xiaomi Weather app as Xiaomi is calling the glitch to be fixed. Actual reason behind fixing it, could be the fear of loosing revenue that Xiaomi generates from India.

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Aditya Raj
Aditya Raj
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