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WWE RAW: Becky Lynch relinquish her Women’s Title

May 11th episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, the Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch makes a big announcement regarding her future in WWE.

WWE Superstar, Becky Lynch

On May 10, WWE hosted Money in the Bank pay-per view event from the WWE Headquarters. The winners of the men’s MITB match was Otis, while Asuka wins the women’s MITB match. Tonight, Raw kicked off with Becky Lynch coming out to the ring with the MITB briefcase in her hand instead of her Women’s Championship belt. Later when Asuka came to the ring, Becky opened the briefcase and revealed that “the women’s MITB match was not for the briefcase but was for the women’s title“.

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Becky handed the Raw Women’s Championship belt to Asuka and announced that she has relinquished the title. Soon she made a big announcement saying to Asuka that “you go and be a warrior, cause I’m gonna go be a mother”. The reaction on Asuka’s face was priceless. An emotional Becky when went to the backstage was congratulated by many WWE superstar.

Becky was the RAW Women’s Champion for over a year and her title reign was totally a roller coaster ride. From main eventing Wrestlemania 35 to relinquishing her title, she had seen everything in her carrier. Here’s what she has to say on her announcement

Now the New Raw Women’s Champion is Asuka and we can’t wait to see, how her title reign will go. Wish to see Asuka vs Shayna Baszler soon cause that will be an amazing match for sure.

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