NewsInternationalWuhan Reported zero active coronavirus cases

Wuhan Reported zero active coronavirus cases

Wuhan Coronavirus cases
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After the span of nearly 6 months, The Chinese city of Wuhan reported zero active coronavirus cases in their hospitals, According to health officials.

“The latest news is that by April 26, the number of new coronavirus patients in Wuhan was at zero, thanks to the joint efforts of Wuhan and medical staff from around the country,” National Health Commission spokesman Mi Feng said at a briefing.

A fish market in the Wuhan is the place where it all started and eventually Coronavirus spreads in every part of the world. Around 2,890,208 people have been infected from Coronavirus in the world and total death toll surpassed 2 lakh mark.

The city had reported 46,452 cases, 56% of the national total. It saw 3,869 fatalities, or 84% of China’s total. The city still testing it’s citizens for Coronavirus.

On April 25, China reported 11 new coronavirus cases in the mainland.

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