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Show your unique Talent and Win $70000 in Quarantine

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The YouTube channel “Yes Theory” is giving away $70000 to strangers across the globe through an online Talent Hunt show during the Quarantine period.

Yes theory is one of the most loved and genuine creators on YouTube. Few weeks ago, they won $70000 cash from Mr. Beast’s Hide and Seek challenge. They decided to giveaway that prize money to their viewers. This Sunday when they uploaded a new video, they announced a new online Talent Show. The show is a worldwide contest where anyone can participate. Here are the rules to participate.


1) Record a video inside your house and perform any unique talent of yours. It can be singing, dancing, painting, jokes etc. Just make it unique.
2) The video needs be less than 60 seconds. Don’t exceed that limit.
3) Upload that video to Instagram/YouTube/Tiktok with the #LivingRoomsGotTalent and tag @yestheory there.
4) After you done uploading the video, send you submissions here
Fill up your details and boom, you’re done.

They will select 7 winners from the competition and the prize money of $70000 will be distributed among them. Each one of them will get $5000 and the other $5000 will be given to the winner’s city food bank. Yes theory believes in personal and as well as community growth that’s why they do are doing this talent show.

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The submission deadline is of Friday, March 27, 10 Pacific Standard Time. It’s your turn to shine, go and show your living room talents to the world. Winners will be featured on Yes Theory’s YouTube channel next week.

Kumar Ujjal
Kumar Ujjal
Writer and Social Media manager of Infotonline.

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