DefenceWhy the second trial of Prithvi-II missile within 3 weeks doesn't make...

Why the second trial of Prithvi-II missile within 3 weeks doesn’t make any sense ?

Prithvi-II Missile testing not making sense

Yesterday a news surfaced that India has successfully conducted night trial of Nuclear Capable Prithvi-II Short Range Ballistic Missile (SRBM) as a part of user trial.

The trial of the missile, which has a strike range of 350 km, was carried out from a mobile launcher, a Defence Research and Development (DRDO) official said.

“The missile trajectory was tracked by radars, electro-optical tracking systems and telemetry stations by the DRDO along the coast of Odisha,” he said.

Well their is nothing wrong with this test but the problem lies in the frequency of the test. India conducted 2 test of Prithvi-II missile within 24 days.

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Conducting two quick trials of such a missile which was already inducted in the service of Indian Armed Forces in 2003 definitely sounds strange.

The second reason which makes this test stranger, is the architecture of Prithvi-II SRBM itself.

Yes, Prithvi-II is capable in delivering nuclear warheads on enemy position but Prithvi is a single-stage liquid-fueled ballistic missile.

Liquid-fueled ballistic missile is comparatively not efficient as solid-fueled ballistic missile.

Since 1950s, ballistic-missile design has concentrated on solid-fuel boosters, which requires less maintenance and launch preparation time and are more reliable because they contain fewer moving parts.

While on the contrary liquid-fuel must be maintained at low temperatures and also requires hours of preparation including fueling before they could finally launch.

This means Prithvi-II requires hours of preparation before the launch, requires much more maintainance than any other solid stage ballistic missile and also hard to transport.

In war or conflict like situation where every minute is important, ballistic missile like Prithvi-II doesn’t seem to be a viable option.

India can easily use other ballistic missile like Shaurya or Pralay SRBM, although there is not much information available about the current status of Pralay missile.

Both Shaurya & Pralay missile are solid-fueled ballistic missiles which are easy to transport, maintain and can launched in a very short notice.

Again there’s no press release by government authorities on the 16th October’s trial of Prithvi-II missile, not even pictures or videos of the test have been released by defence official which can confirm the test of Prithvi missile.

There is a possibility that DRDO might have conducted test of some other tactical sub system under the cover of Prithvi missile in order to maintain element of surprise.

However, to speculate which missile was actually tested by Defence Research and Development Organisation will not make any sense.

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