NewsWhy Jio charging 6 Paise per Minute for Voice Call

Why Jio charging 6 Paise per Minute for Voice Call

Jio LogoOn Wednesday Reliance Jio surprised its user by imposing tariff rates in voice call made to user of another telecom network. Many users were in the hope that Jio will bring some exciting free offer for its user on the account of Diwali but Jio gifts paid call rate to its subscriber this Diwali. It is an irony that Jio enters in the telecom market with a promise to provide unlimited free voice call for lifetime.

Jio defends its decision on charging call rate by saying that they need to pay IUC (Interconnect Usage Charge) 6 paise/min, (set by TRAI) to other telecom operator during a voice call as a interconnect usage charge for using their network. Jio said that its subscriber needs to pay this IUC rates until TRAI completely scraps IUC rates, Which is schedule to end on JAN 2020.

Economic Times reports. “So far, in the last three years Jio has paid nearly Rs 13,500 crore as net IUC charges to the other operators, while Vodafone and Airtel are gaining revenue because of IUC.

In an statement on Wednesday, Jio said it was “compelled” to start charging its over 350 million users to recover the 6 paise/min interconnect usage charge (IUC) which it pays to other Telcom operator, till the TRAI brings the fee down to zero.

Jio also confirms that Calls from Jio to Jio, Jio to landlines and other calls that made over apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram will remain free.

Jio Notification
Jio notification in My Jio App.

Jio came up with IUC plans that users need to top up to call on another network. Jio also providing some extra benefits with these recharge to compensate the move.

Plan Benefits
₹ 10 124 IUC minutes + 1 GB Data
₹ 20 249 IUC minutes + 2 GB Data
₹ 50 656 IUC minutes + 5 GB Data
₹ 100 1362 IUC minutes + 10 GB Data
₹ 500 7012 IUC minutes + 50 GB Data
₹ 1000 14074 IUC minutes + 100 GB Data

Vodafone-Idea responds to Jio move by saying that, “comes closely to the action taken recently to potentially hurt revenues of other operators with its recent unilateral action of reducing ringing time.” They add, “Vodafone Idea operates basis the singular principle of pro-consumer and pro-choice. Accordingly, our offer are completely transparent, affordable and cater to a cross section of society and consumers with varying consumption needs via multiple technologies 2G, 3G and 4G.”

As of now Vodafone proving its user unlimited call to any network made by Vodafone. Plan of  ₹ 399 which offer Unlimited call + data for 84 days.

While in statement, Airtel said without taking the name of Jio “One of our competitors has imposed a rate of 6 paise for all off net calls made to other operators to cover the termination charge of IUC (Interconnect Usage Charge). They have gone on to suggest that TRAI has re-opened this issue”.

Airtel also  providing free calls to its subscriber in an unlimited plans.


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