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Why Indian Navy will or will not scrap INS VISHAL

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Since the date CDS Bipin Rawat gave his statements on third IAC (Indigenous Aircraft Carrier) INS VISHAL, the speculation coming out, is Indian Navy going for Third Aircraft Carrier or not. Well today we are going to discuss on the reason why Indian Navy will or will not scrap INS VISHAL.

Before heading towards the analysis let’s see the statement given by CDS & Indian Navy on IAC 3.

“The Navy says its submarine fleet is dwindling. Then submarine should be our priority,” General Rawat said.

“We will see how it (INS Vikrant) comes out. Examine the performance,” he said when specifically asked whether India will not have a third aircraft carrier.

After the statement of CDS, a source in the Navy said. “The third aircraft carrier is an operational necessity, It is not that an aircraft carrier can be bought off the shelf. Even if all permissions are given today, it will take 15 years for the carrier to be inducted.”

Reasons Why Indian Navy may scrap INS VISHAL

Generally the manufacturing of Aircraft Carrier takes 10-12 years at least, which means if India start making Aircraft Carrier today then it will be built somewhere around 2032-33. Now if we talk about 2035 or 2040 it is very questionable whether Aircraft Carrier will be relevant at that time. In 2040 warfare will change exponentially.

There are many advanced are already in designing phase like laser weapon, Hypersonic technology or Swarm Drones. Electronic warfare like these will become reality in next 15 year. The Aircraft Carrier which always carry a big RCS (Radar Cross Section) with itself, will be easy to detect and neutralise.

Even Brahmos Supersonic Cruise Missile which is in use by Indian Armed Forces at present famous by the name of Carrier Killer. So we can think how technology will grow in next 15 year.

Now if we talk by the Economic point of view, loss of a Aircraft Carrier come with a huge loss of life and property. With Aircraft Carrier country has its 15-20 billion dollar in stake.

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Instead of going to make INS VISHAL Indian Navy may focus on making SSN (Submersible Ship Nuclear) or in other nuclear power attacks submarine which may be able to provide more strategic importance than a Aircraft Carrier.

Why Indian Navy will go with INS VISHAL

The very first reason is Indian Navy. Just after CDS statement sources of Indian Navy confirmed that Navy will definitely be going for IAC 3 as of now.

According to Navy, India always require at least 2 Aircraft Carrier to maintain its Domination over Indian Ocean. Even if India start working on INS VISHAL today it will take 10-12 to become reality which means INS Vikramaditya will be retired or inline to retire by that time.

Many countries in world still going towards aircraft for example Italy, France, Russia or UK. Country like Australia and Japan also wanted to build a aircraft carrier for their Navy.

Aircraft Carrier provide extended range to its fighter aircraft and create a edge of enemy.

As China continuously increasing its power over Indian Ocean and they even making new Aircraft Carrier, so in order to counter China Navy may require a Aircraft Carrier.



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