From few weeks reports are coming that US President, Donald Trump is showing keen interest to buy Greenland. But now he himself confirms that he wants to buy Greenland. So why Donald Trump suddenly showing his interest in Greenland.

Image- Greenland
Mountains in Greenland

Before moving towards the reasons, we need to know something about Greenland.

Greenland is the world’s largest island, technically owned by Denmark located in between Arctic and Antlantic ocean. 80% of the area in Greenland are covered by the ice. The country has a home for 56000 people. Greenland has its own Government. In 1979, Danish Government granted home rule for Greenland, and in 2008 Greenlanders voted in favour of Self-Government Act, which transferred more power from the Danish government to the local Greenlandic government. This new system was come in effect from 21 June 2009.

Greenland Location
Location of Greenland
Why Donald Trump is interested in buying Greenland.
  1. Strategic Importance.

Greenland’s strategic value is linked with the new North Atlantic shipping lanes opening up due to melting of ice. The new lanes have dramatically decreased maritime trade travel time, which generally includes traveling through the Panama or Suez canals to navigate the world.

The presence of US air base show the strategic importance of Greenland. Thule Air Base located 750 miles north of the Arctic circle, it includes a radar station that is a part of US ballistic missile early warning system. This base was also used by the US Air force space command and the North America Aerospace Defense Command.

  1. Economic Importance.

As we have already discussed that the 80% of the area in Greenland are covered by ice shelf, which means most of the area in the island are untapped. So, it is widely believed that Greenland is rich in natural resources which include Iron Ore, Zinc, Lead, Diamond, Gold, Rare Earth Elements, Uranium and Oil. Due to Golbal Warming ice sheets is melting rapidly. This summer NASA scientists observed two of the largest ice meltdown in the history of Greenland. That erosion of ice sheets could make the mining of the resources much more easier.

  1. Political.

This is one of the most obvious reasons. Purchase of Greenland could make Donald Trump one of the most popular leader in the history of America, also this purchase may help Trump in the upcoming elections in US.

  1. Trade war.

From last few months world witnessed the trade war in between China & US. This trade war will not only affect China but  US too. Many industries in US depends upon Rare Earth Elements for their production, and as we all know that China has the largest stock for Rare Earth Elements in the world. US mostly depend on the China for their need of these elements. It is assumed that China may stop the export of these elements to US, for the purpose to gain an edge over US in the trade war. As we have discussed that Greenland may have a stock of Rare Earth Elements, this means Greenland may fulfill the demand of these elements in US.

These are the four main reasons behind the intention of Donald Trump to purchase Greenland.

Is Donald Trump the only one who try to purchase Greenland?

The answer is no.

A proposal for acquisition of Greenland was circulated within the United States Government in 1910 by United States Ambassador to Denmark Maurice Francis Egan.

In 1946, the United States offered Denmark $100 million in gold bullion for Greenland. But Denmark once again refused the offer.

Does US likes to buy land from other countries.
  • In 1803, US acquired Louisiana island from France. This is one of the most famous purchase of USA.
  • In 1867, The Us bought Alaska from Russia for $7.2 million.
  • US also purchased Philippines island form Spain in 1898 in $20 million .
  • Virgin Islands from Denmark in 1917 for $25 million .
Is Greenland ready for sale



Greenland is open for business not for sale. This statement proves that Greenland is simply not ready to sell himself.

In an interview with Sermitsiaq Newspaper Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen says “Greenland is not for sale. Greenland is not Danish. Greenland belongs to Greenland. I strongly hope that this is not meant seriously.


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