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Why is China Threatening Australia?

China threatens Australia
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As Australia pushes the demand for an international enquiry, into the case for mishandling Coronavirus in earlier phases which cause a worldwide spread, in response China threatens for economic consequences.

Cheng Jingye, Chinese Ambassador said that Beijing could encourage Chinese citizens to boycott, Australian exports product if they initiate the probe.

“Now, it would seem entirely reasonable and sensible that the world would want to have an independent assessment of how this all occurred, so we can learn the lessons and prevent it from happening again,” Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said.

The Chinese embassy replied to the situation and said, “The Embassy of China doesn’t play petty tricks, this is not our tradition. But if others do, we have to reciprocate.”

Although, the Embassy of China didn’t clear, what come in their traditions ?

By any chance Communist government of China wants to stop any international enquiry on Coronavirus as it may damaged Chinese image in the world or may lead to some other consequences.

Hu Xijin, editor of the Global Times, a state-controlled newspaper in the People’s Republic of China. He wrote: ‘It is a bit like chewing gum stuck on the sole of China’s shoes. Sometimes you have to find a stone to rub it off.’

Previously Australia tightens up the rule of FDI. All proposed foreign investments are to be checked. They changed the policy to restrict Chinese firms from purchasing already low valued (due to Coronavirus) share in local companies.

Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne called the Chinese threats “economic coercion” and repeated calls for an investigation.

She said, “Australia has made a principled call for an independent review of the COVID-19 outbreak, an unprecedented global crisis with severe health, economic and social impacts, We reject any suggestion that economic coercion is an appropriate response to a call for such an assessment, when what we need is global co-operation.”

The United States also accused China fro mishandling of Coronavirus and alleged that Beijing failed to warn international community about the Corona threat.

“There are a lot of ways you can hold them accountable,” Trump said. “We’re doing some very serious investigations as you probably know.”

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