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WHO warns countries on lifting lockdown, may lead to further spread of virus


The world is going through difficult times. The coronavirus has shook the entire world and the world economy is in recession. More than 100000 deaths have been registered and scientists are assuming that many countries have not reached their peak. The disastrous effect, coronavirus will have on day to day life and the country cannot be thought of. While the World Health Organisation has warned the countries regarding lifting the lockdown, as it may result in further spread of coronavirus.

WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on Friday the agency would like to see an easing, but cautioned that “lifting restrictions could lead to a deadly resurgence”.

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He further added by saying that there had been ‘welcome slowing’ in some European countries like Spain, Germany, France and Italy but the number of cases in other parts of the world are continuously on the rise.

The developing countries in the world are stuck on a dilemma whether to increase the lockdown or remove the restrictions. There is fear of both, removing the restrictions may lead to community transfer which in turn will take lives of many, and increasing the lockdown can crush the economies.

Yanzhong Huang, the senior member for global health at United based council of foreign relations said, “There is a real risk of resurgence of cases for two reasons: the prevalence of asymptomatic people who might spread the disease without knowing they are sick, and the threat from imported cases” according to Al Jazeera.

India is also going through hardship, recording more than 6,761 active cases. The Indian government imposed lockdown on 24th March for 21 days, but seeing the increase in covid cases daily, it is being assumed that the lockdown will surely extend. Meanwhile Punjab and Odisha have extended the lockdown till April 30th.

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