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WHO’s Director General requests European countries to take proper measures and precautions while easing lockdown

National Review
National Review

Europe has been badly effected by Coronavirus. Till now Europe has recorded 13,41,851 cases with 1,22,218 deaths. But now the European countries have started easing there lockdown after the rate of new Coronavirus cases has come down. WHO Director General requests the European countries to take proper precautions, isolation ward, proper tests and all the safety measures, as they are going to ease the lockdown.

WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus via video conference said, “As lockdown in Europe ease with declining number of new cases, we continue to urge the countries to find, isolate, test and treat all the cases of Coronavirus and trace every contact, to ensure this declining trend continues in the continent”.

In Spain, children were allowed for the first time to move out of their home, after a long confinement of 6 weeks . Leaders across the Europe are forced to ease lockdown, seeing the economic devastation that the countries will face. “There will be time to refine the restrictions and to fire up the engines of the economy,”UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said earlier outside Downing Street.

He further added that the stay at home orders and other social distancing measures have limited effect on the spread of novel Coronavirus, and the virus remains extremely dangerous. All the countries are badly effected by this novel virus and half of the world population will have to face the the difficulties.

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“To end the Covid-19 pandemic, the world needs unity and solidarity at the national and global levels, to ensure equal access to solutions and innovations, to strengthen preparedness and health system of the countries” WHO Director- General wrote on twitter.

While Global Coronavirus cases stands 28,78,196 with 1,98,668 deaths.



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