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WhatsApp Beta Update | Contacts can be Added by Scanning QR Code

WhatsApp Beta Update
WhatsApp Beta Update

WhatsApp Beta testers have received the latest WhatsApp Beta update with new feature. WhatsApp users will get an option to add new contacts by scanning the QR Code. As this feature has been introduced to Beta users, there is a possibility of receiving this feature in normal WhatsApp app. Latest update also provides unique QR code to each user.

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WhatsApp Beta Update 2.20.169

10 digits mobile numbers could be hectic to add as contact. Keeping this point in view, WhatsApp has given unique QR code to each user. And this QR code will work as the unique contact number. It’s not necessary for a person to scan the QR code of a WhatsApp user by moving the camera to the user’s QR code.

How to find your WhatsApp QR code ?

Step 1 : Open WhatsApp. Click on Triple Dot at top-right corner.

Step 2 : Click on Settings. You’ll see a QR Code on right side of profile name.

Step 3 : Click on QR Code symbol, you’ll get moved to the MY CODE tab. This is the QR Code that WhatsApp has provided you.

How to share your WhatsApp QR Code ?

Follow the steps of finding WhatsApp QR Code, you’ll get a symbol of Share on left side of triple dot (placed at top-right corner). Now, you’ll get different options where you can share your WhatsApp QR Code.

How to add WhatsApp Contact by QR code ?

Step 1 : Follow the steps of finding WhatsApp QR Code.

Step 2 : Now, swipe left or click on SCAN CODE.

Step 3 : If WhatsApp user is near you then ask him/her to show their WhatsApp QR Code and the move your rear camera to the user’s screen.


If WhatsApp is not in front of you then ask him/ her to share their QR Code. When you get the QR Code, click on bottom-right gallery symbol and choose the QR Code of that person.

How to Change your QR Code

You’re needed to move to the MY CODE screen. When you reach that page then click on triple dot, placed at top-right corner. Now click on Reset QR code, your QR code has been changed.

If you had shared your older QR code to someone and they didn’t add you as contact by scanning the code, before you reset the QR code, he/she won’t be able to add you as contact with older QR code. Conclusion : Older QR code is completely useless.

If you’re not a beta tester of WhatsApp then get the latest WhatsApp Beta Update from APK Mirror or arrange by asking some beta tester.



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