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What will happen if TikTok rating reaches 1 star ?

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The nation wide outrage towards the video making app Tiktok might be reaching to it’s final conclusion. Tiktok app ratings on Play Store reaches to 1.2 stars now.Tiktok

The short video making application, Tiktok is getting enormous amount of bad reviews from users. It drop down to 1.2 stars from 4.6 stars on Play Store in just 6 days. It is on the verge of becoming the least rated app on the Play Store. Our analytics team have said that it will reach to 1 star in about a day or two.

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We discussed this situation with one of our App developer friend who had faced the similar situation in the past. He told us about the consequences and solutions if something like this happens.

Q. What is the first thing that will happen, if the app reaches 1 star?
A. They will get an email from Google, which says, your app has reached 1 star rating on the Play Store due to several bad reviews which were posted against you. Please, check your app data and remove all the unnecessary things.

Q. Will the app gets removed from the Play Store?
A. It depends. But in my case it didn’t disappeared from the Play Store.

Q. Will the users are able to use the app if this happens?
A. The app will go down until the developers didn’t correct the issues in it. But for an app like Tiktok, it will be a little tricky to say so. I can’t share the reason cause it’s controversial.

Q. What are the solutions, the developer will do to resume the functions?
A. The developer will have to remove all those users who had posted sexual or violating content on the app. This way the reports made on them will be cleared and  disabled.

Q. If all the issues were fixed, how many days will it take to be back in action?
A. It generally depends on the Google developer console. Mine restarted in just few hours after the repairing.

The person we connected, is a young app developer so his answers might be incomplete. We tried to ask all our queries to him and everything he told us were from his own experiences. If you have any more questions, leave it in the comments.



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