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What is Four Burner Theory ?

Four Burner Theory


Four Burner Theory

Everyone wants a work life balance but nowadays it is becoming very difficult to attain this balance. We only have 24 hours a day and in that time we need to work, care for our family, hangout with friends and look after our health. So here we will learn work life balance by a simple theory called Burner theory. Imagine your life as a gas stove and it has 4 burner.

  • The first burner is Health
  • The second burner is Family and it’s importance for you
  • The third burner is your friends and your social life
  • The fourth burner is your career.

The Four Burners Theory says that “in order to be successful you have to cut off one of your burners. And in order to be really successful you have to cut off two.”

Each of this burners plays an important role in shaping your life and they are equally important. But at every phase of life one of the burners is inactive. For instance during your schooldays you might focus on Family, Friends and Career and not health or maybe Family, Health and Friends and not career it totally depends on you which burner you want to switch off.

Now comes the interesting part, it’s not that winners or successful people sacrifices one of the four burners but they know when and how to switch to different burners according to the situation. The basic difference between successful and unsuccessful people are they don’t know when and where to switch off one the three burners.
Suppose at the age of 22 there is a need that your career burner should be active and inorder to do that you need to switch off one of the three burners. Now according to your priorities you should decide with which burner you want to switch your career burner. And this does not mean you should only think about career at the age of 22, you should alternatively switch the 2 burner as and when required.

There is some truth to the four burners theory. If you look back into your past to recall a personal major achievement in your academics, sports, career and so on, you probably sacrificed one or more of the major areas of your life.
It means winners or successful people while doing job only think about career and may be health too but at that point of time, the thoughts of their social life and family don’t come to their mind.
And when they are wanting to spend time with their friends and family, they don’t activate their one of the 4 burners that is career burner. The burner theory is a way of simplifying your life into 4 dimensions.
By following burner theory you don’t only form a better work-life balance but also attain inner peace.



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