DefenceThose who are weak can never initiate peace: PM Modi

Those who are weak can never initiate peace: PM Modi

PM Narendra Modi
PM Narendra Modi

Today PM Narendra Modi makes a surprise visit to Ladakh, 18 days after violent face-off between India & China. He also addressed the soldiers in Nimmoo, Ladakh.

During address to the soldier in Ladakh PM Modi said, “Whether World Wars or peace, whenever the need arises, the world has seen the victory of our braves and their efforts towards peace. We have worked for the betterment of humanity,”

“But we all Know those who are weak can never initiate peace, bravery is a pre-requisite for peace, he added, Power is the condition to bring peace. India is widening its powers on land, air and water and this is for the welfare of mankind.”

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He further said, “We are the same people who pray to the flute playing Lord Krishna but we are also the same people who idolise and follow the same Lord Krishna who carries the ‘Sudarshana Chakra.”

PM Modi also target the expansionists nature of People’s Republic of China, says, “Age of expantionism is over, this is the age of development. History is witness that expantionist forces have either lost or were forced to turn back.”

PM Modi also pays tribute to the Soldiers who lost in their life in the action at Galwan valley on 15 June.

I once again pay my tributes to the brave soiders martyred in Galwan Valley, the bravery that you and your compatriots showed, a message has gone to the world about India’s strength: PM Modi.

“Every Indian’s head bows before the brave saviours. This land boasts of several stories of bravery and gallantry of Indian jawans” he added.

Aditya Raj
Aditya Raj
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