Home News Entertainment Warner Bros. releases Wonder Woman 1984 opening scene, watch here

Warner Bros. releases Wonder Woman 1984 opening scene, watch here

Wonder Woman 1984 opening scene
Image courtesy: Instagram
Image courtesy: Instagram

Warner Bros. Pictures has released an exclusively Wonder Woman 1984 opening scene for the audience to watch for free and get excited. While some are totally enjoying this treat, some are little conscious about the actual film.

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Wonder Woman 1984 released internationally today on December 16 but it will hit the theatres and HBO Max in the United States on Christmas, December 25. The opening scene of WW84 shows little Diana hovering around the beautiful landscapes of Paradise island. Then, we got to see a grand scale spectator dome where the other Demigoddess are practising & performing different sports.


Some people noticed the heavy use of CGI in the opening scene and criticised it to an extent. They were unhappy because in the first part it’s very hard to find any such mistake while in here, it’s clearly visible. Whatever it is, the proper reviews of Wonder Woman 1984 is yet to come.

Warner Bros. Pictures also did a virtual premiere of the film with some fans last night which was joined by the Wonder Woman Gal Gadot herself and the writer, director of WW84  Patty Jenkins. They also provided some behind the scenes footage from the film and answered fans questions during the premiere.



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