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Four month old wins battle against Coronavirus in Visakhapatnam


Visakhapatnam- A four month old wins battle against Coronavirus in Visakhapatnam after being on Ventilator for 18 days.

The Coronavirus pandemic has made the world to go on a halt. More than 7,739,424 people have been tested positive for the virus while 3,966,207 people have recovered. The pandemic has caused terror and fear among people. In India more than 3 lakhs people have been infected by the virus while it has caused more than 8000 deaths.

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But amid all this, there is a positive news. A 4 months old from Visakhapatnam after being on Ventilator for 18 days has been discharged from Hospital on Friday. The 4 month old got infected from his mother Laxmi, a tribal woman who was infected in May.

District Collector Vinay Chand said, “A tribal woman of East Godavari Laxmi was infected with Covid-19 in May, later the doctors confirmed her four month old baby was also infected”. The baby was taken to VIIMS Hospital, Visakhapatnam and treated for 18 days. Recently when the doctors carried out the test it came out to be negetive. The hospital discharged the baby on Friday evening.

The 4 month old is great source of inspiration for all the people who are getting terrified by this Coronavirus. The baby has fought the battle and showed the path for all the people to follow. Recent study suggests 50 % of India’s population will be infected by Coronavirus by end of this year, but the good news is India’s recovery rate is above 50% which means, if one shows the symptoms of Covid-19 it doesn’t mean he or she will die.

Not only this baby, few days back a 20 day old Hyderabad Kid fought Coronavirus and won the battle. The Kid became India’s youngest to beat Coronavirus. They are a source of inspiration for Billions of people to look upto.

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