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Virat Kohli’s favourite foods that keeps him super fit & energetic

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Virat Kohli’s favourite foods

Indian Captain Virat Kohli has been inspiring everyone through his dedication, passion, self belief and fitness regime. King Kohli’s energy on and off the field is not everyone’s cup of tea. His perfection is the result of all the sacrifices, hardwork and of course his favourite super food.

Virat keeps his fans updated with his fitness routine, diet plan and workout training by posting videos on Instagram. The fitness standards that you can see in the current Indian team is the gift of the current captain. His mantra of ‘being the best version of yourself’ has revolutionized fitness culture in India. Kohli has often spoken about how his fitness and strict diet plan has helped him in giving 110% in the game.

Here we list down Virat Kohli’s favourite food that helps him attain that fitness and energy:

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Virat a true Delhi Boy is the lover of ‘Chole Batore’, ‘Chicken Butter Masala’ and all the street food. But his mental strength and love for the game can be proved by the fact that he has not even touched these foods since long time. After getting into fitness Virat has found his second love in Japanese cuisine Sushi.

Sushi is accompanied with seafood or vegetables. It’s high on Protein with low fat and decent Carbohydrates. This super food suit Kohli’s body the most. So if you want to get as fit as Virat go for this Japanese cuisine.

Mushroom Dumplings

Mushroom Dumplings filled with lot of protein helps Virat meet the nutritional requirements. Dumplings hold a very important place in Chinese culture. Virat believes in experimenting with his diet, but at no point he is ready to compensate with this great mushroom food.

Mushroom Dumplings is a go to food for the run machine. It adds perfect balance of nutrition and taste. So if you are bored with your health food, try mushroom dumplings.

And last The Rajma Chawal

The best food is truly ‘Mom’s food’. No matter how much Sushis, Salads, Drumplings he tried, the real essence is in homemade Rajma Chawal. Virat has often revealed how the health foods work for his body and mind and how sometimes the rajma chawal wins over his heart. The energy he gets from Rajma Chawal cannot be matched.

This depicts, that if you want to get into fitness, the best food you can get is ‘Mom cooked’




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