NewsVirat Kohli in an interview said, "his ego cost the World Cup"

Virat Kohli in an interview said, “his ego cost the World Cup”


On Saturday Virat Kohli was seen giving interview for India Today Inspiration series with Boria Majumdar. In this interview Virat Kohli revealed many personal things his beliefs,philosophies. He revealed everything about his fitness regimen, discipline and his cricket.
Virat Kohli is very happy with his present team and the impact each of the player have on the game.
On being asked about the World Cup loss Virat Kohli said he is a human and he hates failures. It was a hard time for the team to face that loss as he believed India was best in the tournament but what is meant to happen will always happen nobody can stop it.
But he blamed himself for the final loss. He said at some point of time, might be his ego or over confidence cost the world cup. He believed that at some point Team India would need him and he will make Team India win but that did not happen. He said,”How can someone go ahead of times and at that time I went ahead of times”.

He also talked about India’s Coach Ravi Shashtri whose credibility is questioned everyday. And has been called by names such as Virat Kohli’s Yes Man. Virat said Ravi Bhai doesn’t care about the trolls. He said, “I think most of these things are agenda driven and I don’t know whose, why, what for, but to accept lies in that manner, it couldn’t be anything but agenda driven”. He further added the utmost motive of Ravi Shashtri is to leave a legacy behind so that the upcoming generation can look upto this team and say we want to play like them.

Virat Kohli also talked about Anushka Sharma that the criticism and the trolls she receives just because she’s a big name is completely nonsensical. He said, “As a person she respects my profession and I respect hers so in her wildest dreams also she can’t think of it.

This interview will definitely motivate the youngsters and help them in achieving everything in their life. This interview will be aired on India Today.

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