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Vikas Khanna shares his bad experience, comes out in support of Kangana Ranaut

Vikas Khanna in support of Kangana Ranaut
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Celebrity chef and Director of ‘The Last Color’ Vikas Khanna took to his Twitter to share his bad experience. Vikas came out in support of Kangana Ranaut, and her battle against Nepotism.

Vikas Khanna tweeted, “When I used to hear @KanganaTeam speak ab this issue of critics & favoritism & nepotism it used to hurt my heart.
But today I experience it first hand.Minions won’t let outsiders enter even if they put their heart & soul in craft.
It’s painful to hear “Pay or we’ll destroy you”


Vikas’s film ‘The Last Color’ was loved by the audience for his effort to break the stereotypes and bring something new. The film dealt with age old Taboo surrounding widows in India. The film was appreciated globally, even the poster of the film was displayed in Times Square. Vikas Khanna gave his life and soal behind this film.

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The hardwork of the makers and the cast didn’t go in vein. The film was awarded with Best Feature Film at Dallas International Film Festival. Neena Gupta as Noor and the simplicity in her act, completely stole the show.

Now Vikas’s tweet has again left everyone thinking about the prevailing conditions in the industry. Nepotism has been a burning debate in the country since last few months. Actress Kangana Ranaut has been very vocal about it, how some people are given privilages while others are demeaned.

Vikas Khanna’s last words “Pay or we’ll destroy you” is certainly a warning signal. When merit or talent is sabotaged, there is no exposure of growth in the industry.

After the demise of Sushant Singh Rajput, many people have come under the radar of the public. Merit should be the criteria. The harsh truth is Nepotism cannot be stopped, but what needs to be done, is their should be a place for everyone. While we see it’s always not about luck. Fair chance should be given to everyone.

Though people are against Vikas, but the fans stand by him through thick and thin.
Vikas Khanna is loved by his fans because of his cool, calm attitude and his approach towards seeing life. The celebrity chef is a role model for millions of people. A simple middle class boy from Amritsar who went onto conquer the world and be a representative of the country in International platforms.

Here are few tweets from his fans:


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