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UFC 249 Called Off, Dana White announces

Dana White

Finally after a long wait, the president of UFC( Ultimate Fighting Championship) Dana White has announced of calling off the UFC 249. The matches were scheduled to begin from April 18, but seeing the global pandemic, ESPN, Disney and White came in one front of cancelling the UFC 249.

Dana has looked for all opportunities to have a dream match between “Ferguson and Gaethje”. Dana was fully on for having this match, despite the ongoing pandemic and he worked relentlessly on this match, starting from convincing Tachi Palace Casino Resort to open their doors to setting up a private island.

“First of all, health and safety is all we care about. It’s number one for UFC and it has been for 20 years, long before the coronavirus popped up,” White told ESPN

White continued by saying, “Number two: We figure out solutions, we figure out how to make things work. How to make it safe and how to make it happen. That’s why we are the biggest and the best in the world,”

White was determined of having the matches, but then the highest official from ESPN and Disney intervened and White had to bow down infront of thme and finally cancel the UFC 249. White in an interview said, “got a call from the highest level you can go at Disney and the highest level of ESPN”.

White is still on his plan of building an octagon and all the things required to organise a fight on an unidentified private island. White has decided to use the “fight island” for fighters who can’t come to US for the fight.

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