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TVF’s Aspirants beats Scam 1992 to become India’s Most Rated Web Series on IMDb


TVF’s brand new web series Aspirants has achieved another big success, all thanks to their genuine viewers. The last episode which was premiered on May 8 now has been watched over 12 million times on YouTube and is about to complete 1 million likes very soon.

If you are unaware about it, then here’s a synopsis of this series. Aspirants is the story of three friends, Abhilash, SK and Guri, who were preparing for UPSC examinations in Old Rajendra Nagar, Delhi. After a life turning  incident, their friendship got shattered and they all went different ways. Six years later when they finally meet there’s still some grudges, some secrets standing between their reunion. Will they overcome this or will they let their egos win, is the story here!

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This series has five episodes and at the end of each episode the presenters requested their viewers to rate it on IMDb. After the premiere of the last episode, Aspirants became India’s most rated web series of all time in just one day. At present, there are about 203,079 ratings on IMDb for them which is over one lakh more than Scam 1992’s number of ratings. Even popular web series like Sacred Games, Mirzapur and The Family Man combined together cannot reach this figure.

Just to be clear, Aspirants has not become the highest rated Indian web series, that spot is still secured by Hansal Mehta’s Scam 1992 with 9.4 star ratings. But by analysing the numbers, we can clearly see how the makers of Aspirants have influenced the viewers and were able to achieve something this big. Do you know, Aspirants is now ranked 30 in IMDb’s top rated TV shows list.

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Currently this series has over 77 million views in total and ‘The Viral Fever’ youtube channel has gained over 2 million new subscribers in just a month. As of now, Aspirants is  Let’s see what other records will be made by Aspirants in the coming days. Till then, you can again the stream it on YouTube for free.

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