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Why TVF is such a Big Hit?

On 21st February, 2020 The TVF Qtiyapa successfully completed their 8 years in India’s Digital Entertainment Market. The company which was founded by a former IITian in order to create something different for the young INDIA is now undoubtedly India’s most loved Online content Hub.

Founded in 2010 by Anurabh Kumar, TVF is one of the early arrivals in India’s Digital Entertainment Market. Kumar, invited many of his friends to join his venture. They decided to make content about Politics, Movies, Lifestyle and other social problems. The content was applauded by the audience. Currently the company is mostly known by their YouTube channels The Viral Fever(TVF), The Timeliners, The Screen Patti(TSP), Girliyapa where they put short sketches, celebrity interviews, spoofs and web series.

TVF completed 8 Years

Talking of Web series, TVF debuted in the online web series race with Permanent Roommates back in October 2014. In just couple of days they crashed the internet. It was the second most-viewed long-form web series in the world by June 2015. After that they created several hit web series like Pitchers, Tripling, Humourously Yours, Kota Factory, Flames etc.

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If you talk about consistency and improvements over the time, TVF is the name you take first. The company has improved a lot in these years. These are the reasons why they are so successful right now.

Continuosly improvisation content according to the current trend.

• In early 2016, venture capital firm Tiger Global Management invested $10 million into The Viral Fever, acquiring a 20% stake in the company.
This Investment helped the company to keep on creating shows but now with a much bigger scale.

• Hiring talented Writers, Directors, Actors, Singers and making them showcase their talent openly to the world.

• Making shows or videos which were very close to their general public like a show on Aam Aadmi Family.

TVF Future Lineup is full of surprises. New seasons of several web shows are being listed like Kota Factory 2 and more.

Kumar Ujjal
Kumar Ujjal
Writer and Social Media manager of Infotonline.

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