LifestyleHow consuming tobacco can affect your health during Coronavirus pandemic ?

How consuming tobacco can affect your health during Coronavirus pandemic ?


There’s a famous saying, Cigarette says today you are turning me into ashes and tomorrow it will be my turn. People know consuming tobacco can cause a hazardous effect in their body but still they continue doing it. One of the key reasons is they lack self control and they have reached a place from where it becomes very difficult for them to lead a good healthy lifestyle.

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Tobacco is plant grown for its leaves which are dried and fermented and used in various tobacco products. Tobacco contains nicotine that can lead to severe addiction. Tobacco is consumed in form of cigarettes, cigars, bids and kreteks while chewd tobacco products include chewing tobacco, snuff dip and snus. There are severe health effects of consuming tobacco but we will learn that latter.

Why people consuming tobacco are more prone to Coronavirus ?

The Coronavirus pandemic is a testing time for all the people. But people who consumes tobacco on a regular basis are more prone to this virus. Consuming tobacco weakens your immune system and that’s when the virus attacks you. According to WHO Report more than 8 million people die because of consuming tobacco every year. More than 7 million of these deaths are people who consume direct tobacco. In a statement issued by WHO, it clearly states people who smoke or consume tobacco are more likely to get expose to the virus.

Research has shown, Consuming 1 cigarette can reduce a man’s life by 11 days. The biggest concern today is youth are walking on the wrong path of drugs and tobacco to act cool and feel a sense of superiority. Smoking effects the lungs badly and Covid-19 primarily attacks the lungs causing difficulty in breathing.

In India people spitt tobacco in the roads and this one of the major cause for spread of Coronavirus. Various State Governments are coming with measures like taking serious action against them who spitt on the roads.

Almost 267 million people consumes tobacco in India out of which 42.4% are men and 14.2% women. Every year tobacco kills 1 million people in India. If this continues by 2021 15% of the population will die of consuming tobacco.

Consuming tobacco has many health effects like

Anxiety and Depression
Heart Disease
Unhealthy teeth
High Cholesterol
Weakens immune system
Lungs Cancer
Poor vision and many more.

The body is a gift of God. On this World No Tobacco Day, let’s pledge to quit tobacco.

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