NewsInternationalThree AP photographers won Pulitzer Prizes for Kashmir coverage

Three AP photographers won Pulitzer Prizes for Kashmir coverage

The three photographers of Associated Press (AP) won the prestigious Pulitzer Prizes in Feature Photography for their coverage in Kashmir last year.Pulitzer Prizes

Established in 1917 after the name of Joseph Pulitzer, a famous newspaper publisher of his time. Pulitzer Prizes are the most prestigious prizes in Journalism and Arts. The Prizes are awarded by the Columbia University in 21 different categories.

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This year, three Indian photographers of Associated Press (AP) are included in the list, who did the coverage in Kashmir last year during the riots & lockdowns. The names of the photographers are Dar Yasin, Mukhtar Khan and Channi Anand.

Dar Yasin's photo
Photo from Dar Yasin
Source: Instagram

They won the prizes in the feature photography category “for their striking images of life in the contested territory of Kashmir as India revoked its independence, executed through a communications blackout” as written on the prize description.

Dar Yasin shared a thank you tweet for the people who showed support and trust in him.

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