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The story of Satyajit Ray and The Bicycle Thieves

Today we are celebrating the centenary of the greatest storyteller and filmmaker of India, Satyajit Ray.

Satyajit Ray operating a camera
Satyajit Ray operating a camera

The Man, the Legend who took Indian cinema to another level was born on 2nd May, 1921 in a Bengali family in Calcutta, West Bengal. Satyajit Ray was famous for making films around day to day life and that thing becomes his speciality. His most popular work comes in the form of Pather Panchali, his first film. His very first film, brought him 11 international awards. But do you know what influenced him so much that he went on to making one of the most celebrated film of all time.

Bicycle Thieves (The Bicycle Thief), a 1948 Italian drama directed by Vittorio De Sica that made a profound impression on Ray’s mind. The movie is now used in several film schools to teach students “how to make realistic movies“. Ray saw the movie during his 6 months stay in London in 1950.Bicycle thieves and Satyajit Ray

Atthat time Ray was writing Pather Panchali. He wanted his film to be shot also in real locations with new faces that people are unfamiliar with. He wanted everything to feel real, no make-up, no fancy cloths. When he told his friends about his idea, the reviews from them were not that great. Shooting on locations with unknown actors was very inconvenient at that time. But he did what he wanted to do.

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Later in 1976, in the introduction of ‘Our Films, Their Films’, Ray wrote- “All through my stay in London, the lessons of Bicycle Thieves and neo-realist cinema stayed with me”. The film had a lasting impression on him and developed a sense of belief in his ideas. He made the film with an almost amateur cast and shoot many of the scenes in real locations. The film goes on to become one of the cult classic movies of all time. You can watch Pather Panchali right now on Eros Now. And if you also want to watch “the bicycle thieves” then tune in to Filmbox.

Satyajit sir was not just any other filmmaker of our country, he was a storyteller who had the power the power to pull you inside his movies. We want to thank him for his contribution to cinema, literature and music. The world will always remember who Satyajit Ray was.

Kumar Ujjal
Kumar Ujjal
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