NewsInternationalDecember 21,2020: The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn

December 21,2020: The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn

The Great Conjunction
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The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn

December 21, 2020 is a special day. No matter how many new invention and discovery mankind does, the nature will always be ahead of us. There are days when we get mesmerized by the forces of the nature and December 21 will be surely that day.

The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn is set to take place on December 21 night. For the first time in four centuries, the two planets will be almost overlapping each other. 2020 has been a disastrous year so far, but on a positive note it gave a lot of understanding and learnings about the nature and the time has arrived to celebrate it.

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Why the day is so special ?

The Conjunction batween Jupiter and Saturn happens at an interval of every 19 years and 7 months, but this will be the second time after 1623 that both Jupiter and Saturn will be this close to each other. The two planets will again come close to each other on March 15, 2080. But surely not this close.

This is a life time opportunity for people leaving in this era. The news about the Great Conjunction has spread across the internet like a wildfire. The millennials are excited to witness this moment.

But how does the Conjunction happen ?

Jupiter takes 11.86 years to go around Sun once while Saturn takes nearly 29.5 years. Conjunction happens when two celestial objects appear to pass close to each other when viewed from earth. However in reality Saturn and Jupiter will be miles apart. The phenomenon happens because of their orbital alignment.

In most part of India, one can witness conjunction just after the sunset.

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