From past 4 years, India is producing some high quality web series and this one is one of them.Cast of The Family Man

On 20 September, Manoj Bajpayee starring “The Family Man” got released on Amazon Prime Videos. It is an edgy action drama, which tells the story of a middle-class man who works for a special cell for National Investigation Agency. While he tries to protect the nation from terrorists, he also has to protect his family from the impact of his secretive, high pressure and low paying job.

The series is produced and directed by Raj & D.K. It stars some popular faces of the nation like Priyamani, Sharib Hashmi, Neeraj Madhav, Shahab Ali, Dalip Tahil, Sharad Kelkar, Shreya Dhanwanthary and many more.

While watching this series I find many good and some odd things about it, which i would like to share.



The first thing that I would like to talk about is the locations. The series was shot in many real & restricted places which might have brought challenges for the crew. But the selection have resulted in bringing originality in the scenes.Set and locations of the family man


One more key assets of the series, was its cinematography. Cinematographer Nigam Bomzan and Azim Mollan have done a fabulous job. In many scenes, the flow feels natural as it should be but when the need of speed comes, you will feel the rush, you will feel the energy of the scene. There are some good long one take shot that have been executed very well. You will also find some gorilla filmmaking techniques that is used in here.Crew of The Family Man


On paper, you might find the story an old film concept but in real it never feels so. Raj Nidimoru, Krishna D.K, Suman Kumar and Sumit Arora have made the series very realistic. The featurisation used to make it interesting mixed quite well. The plot development is engaging and keeps you attached to your screens till the end.


The Family Man is one such series where you will find the supporting characters overshadow the main leads sometime. I have always one common complain in every film or series, why you don’t use your supporting actors and junior artists to their fullest? In here, even the junior artists have a good 1-2 min screen time and some really good meaningful dialogues which helps in developing the story and their character.


In my view, a film or a series losses its grip when they don’t use their female cast properly. But in here all the females that appeared, done a really good job with their characters.

PERFORMANCES & CHEMISTRIESSupporting cast of the family man

Manoj Bajpayee aka Srikant Tiwari as the secret TASC agent is the perfect choice for the role. He played both side of the character’s life really, really well. His witty one liners, his way of telling lies with a poker face really makes his character compelling.. Priyamani as Srikant’s wife, who is a college professor shows as the real struggle of a working woman.
The chemistry shared between Sharib Hashmi and Manoj Bajpayee is the perfect portrayal of two close office colleagues bashing and caring each other in every situation.


Before talking about it, i need to clarify one thing. These are not bad things actually, these are just some odd things that I pointed out due to confusion and unlikeliness.


Look, when making a suspenseful thriller you need to create some really good dark, suspenseful audio effects which will automatically pulls you inside the series. I’m not saying this series doesn’t have that, but the effect of the sounds is missing here.


When someone says the word terrorist, what kind of picture comes to your mind. A person with a bad intention which you can find from their body language.
But here the antagonists are looking quite normal. Their character development is good but their behaviour doesn’t make them look like a suspect, a terrorist. May be it’s a creative choice to do so or make be a real terrorist behaves like that in real. Cause we are always shown terrorists with a cruel nature.

The Family Man has shown many recent social activities that happened in the country which have violated the constitution. These things are portrayed in the series in the right places which helped in developing the storyline.

In the end I just want to conclude things by saying that the series has not concluded. It ended on a high note leaving many things incomplete and confusing. Raising many questions in viewers mind.
I will request the creators to not ruin the storyline in Season 2 because this web series has the capability to become one of the best in the world.

NOTE : This is a non spoiler review of the web series. If the author has disclosed any important information related to the series, he is sorry for that.

Kumar Ujjal
Writer and Social Media manager of Infotonline.

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