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Teri Mitti Tribute song from Akshay Kumar and B Praak is out now

Teri Mitti Tribute song
Still of Akshay Kumar from Teri Mitti Tribute song

The refreshed version of Kesari movie song “Teri Mitti” is out now. Akshay Kumar and B Praak again delivered a soulful song which we can listen on loop.

Teri Mitti Tribute is a song dedicated to the real life heroes of our nation and also of our planet. The fight against the coronavirus has made people realise that doctors, nurses, other healthcare workers, police officers, army personnel, sanitation workers etc are the real heroes of the world.

The song is a refreshed version of 2019‘s massive hit song “Teri Mitti” from Kesari movie which stars Akshay Kumar in lead. It was sang by B Praak, who had also sang the original song. The beautiful lyrics of both the refreshed and the original one were written by “Manoj Muntashir“.

The man Manoj Muntashir has a magic in his writing through which we always gets mesmerized in the songs. Every single sentence of the songs has a meaning to it. And the addition of B Praak’s voice makes it even more special to listen to.

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This song has highlighted the struggles of our healthcare workers, who had gone through so much in these past few weeks. They were chased, stone pelted and what not, but they are still doing their jobs in these harmful conditions for whom, for us. This song will definitely make you realise the pain which the doctors are going through right now.

Save Doctors
Still from Teri Mitti Tribute song

Tune into YouTube and watch the video song of Teri Mitti – Tribute on Zee Music Company‘s official channel. And don’t forget to watch it till the end to listen to Akshay Kumar’s small lovely message for the Doctors.

Kumar Ujjal
Kumar Ujjal
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