TechTelegram New Update v5.11

Telegram New Update v5.11

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Logo of Telegram
Logo of Telegram

Telegram is already trending in news theses days as because Hong Kong Protestors are using Telegram for spreading news to the world. Protestors are using it so that Chinese government or Hong Kong government can’t trace them. But China and Chinese are also smart, they employed hackers to crash Telegram so that these protestors can’t use this app to spread the news of China-Hong Kong conflict to the world.

Keeping these things aside, let’s move to the content.

What is Telegram ?

You might have listened that Telegram is a social media app. Well, that’s correct but I personally feel it’s more than that. I’ll tell you why it’s more than just a social media app in another section of this post.

Telegram was launched in 2013 by the brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov. Previously the pair founded the Russian social network VK, which they left when it was taken over by the Group. Pavel Durov, younger brother of Nikolai along with his partner, Axel Neff helped Nikolai financially and provided him infrastructure so that he can develop Telegram app.

How to update Telegram(for android users)

Step 1 : Open Play Store.

Step 2 : Click on triple line(top left corner).

Step 3 : Click on My apps & games.

Step 4 : Find Telegram and then click on update.

Now, your Telegram app is updated to the new version.

Create Telegram Account

Creating a Telegram account is not a difficult task. But if you’re new to social media, you may get some difficulty while creating an account. And for that, our team is always here.

Step 1 : Keep a SIM in your own device or other device which you’re gonna use in creating a Telegram account.

Step 2 : Install Telegram from PlayStore(Android users) and for iOS users, it’s App Store.

Step 3 : Click on Start Messaging and then enter your mobile number and now you’ll be asked for OTP.

Step 4 : Enter OTP you received in your number, then fill the Name field and hit enter.

You have successfully created your Telegram account.

Telegram Login

Telegram login is similar to WhatsApp login. It requires mobile number and OTP for account verification.

Step 1 : Open Telegram app, click on Start Messaging(If you’re opening for first time after installing) and then enter your mobile number and hit enter.

First screen of Telegram for a new users

Enter Mobile Number


Step 2 : Enter the OTP, you received in your mobile number and hit enter.

OTP required

Now, you have logged in successfully.

Delete Telegram Account

Many social media apps are there which doesn’t let you delete your account and you find it awful when you come to know that you can’t remove your personal data from that app and which is full of bugs and of no use. They may promise that they don’t share your information with anyone but who knows what they do. But Telegram provides you the feature to delete your account. There are two options you can use to delete your account. First option is for a quick delete whereas 2nd option is a schedule delete.

  • 1st Option

Step 1 : Open the deactivation page of Telegram by clicking on Link

Step 2 : Enter Telegram associated Phone number.

Step 3 : Confirmation code is sent to your Telegram account.

Step 4 : Enter the confirmation code.

Step 5 : Click on Deactivate account option.

Step 6 : Under Delete your account option click on Done.

Step 7 : Click on Yes, delete my account button.

Your Telegram account will be deleted successfully.

  • 2nd Option(Schedule Delete)

Step 1 : Open Telegram app in your smartphone.

1st screen of logged in Telegram

Step 2 : Click on option(Triple Line at top left corner) and then click on Settings.

After clicking on option

Settings of Telegram

Step 3 : Click on Privacy and Security and then swipe up until you reach Advanced section.

Privacy and Security

Step 4 : Select Delete my  account if away for and then choose the duration within which you want to get your account deleted. That’s it.

Account Deletion time period

Features of Telegram

I’ve personally seen that most of new Telegram users in my contact leave this platform within a week. If you’re a Telegram user, you might have encountered this situation too. Reason is quite clear, either they don’t get used to it or they haven’t found the beautiful features it has.

Feature 1 : Your account is registered on your own mobile number. This ensures that your account is not getting used by someone else.

Feature 2 : It provides cloud based messages. It means whatever you send or receive in your Telegram account, gets stored in cloud storage. So, it doesn’t bother you for taking backups. If you delete messages by yourself then it will be deleted from cloud storage too. Best use is that you don’t have to waste any data for restoring messages when you login again on your account in any other device or on your own device.

Feature 3 : Telegram supports bots. Bots are programmed for specific purpose and they work on the instructions we give. If you’re a PUBG player then you are already aware of it. There are many bots in Telegram and they really make your work easy. You will find bot which helps in managing your Gmail account in Telegram, isn’t is amazing ? You can search for Telegram bots in search engines, you’ll come though many bots. It’s upto you which type of bot you need.

Feature 4 : How many channels have you watched in your Television or YouTube ? If you uses YouTube then you have accessed more channels in it than Television channels. Why am I talking about this, is there any link of channels with Telegram ? Answer is yes, you’ll get many channels in Telegram. If you learn to use channels in Telegram then you’ll never gonna move to pirated movie websites, cracked software websites. You’ll get every type of channel in Telegram. I’m not sharing pirated movie channels as because it’s not legal. But I can give you a hint, search some movie names in search bar of Telegram app, I can help you this much in this section.

Feature 5 : We’re living in an era where people use to show their emotions, not by call rather by sending Stickers. And Telegram is full of Stickers, if you’re not happy with those stickers then you can create your own stickers and publish in Telegram, other people can also use your stickers. One more amazing thing is there in Sticker, if you put up any emoji in text bar then it’ll automatically pop-up with lot of stickers, related to your emoji.

Feature 6 : If you’re a smartphone user and have used Gmail app then you are already aware with draft feature, it helps in saving your stuffs automatically that you have written. In Telegram if you end up with writing something incomplete and doesn’t send that message then it automatically gets saved as draft. No need to waste your time again and again in writing the same thing if you closes your app or your app gets closed automatically.

Feature 7 : People used to search in search engines “How to message anonymously”. Telegram is already here to help you. There is a secret chat option in it, you can use for end-to-end encryption chat. You can set the time for self destruction of chat. Let me clear this self-destruction feature. If you set the Self-Destruct Timer by clicking on the name of user with whom you’re doing a secret chat then that chat will get deleted within that time period. Another advantage is that, secret chat messages can’t be forwarded and you can’t take screenshot of that chat. I feel, you are getting attracted to it’s features now.

Feature 8 : Voice call is also available in it. It’s not special, many apps provide this feature. No, voice call facility of Telegram is different. If you call another Telegram user then ask him/her if he/she is getting any four symbols in top right corner they would node in yes. Now match those four symbols with your symbols, you’re getting in your screen at top right corner. If they match then the call is secure(According to Telegram).

Feature 9 : You can share your live locations with your Telegram contacts, isn’t it a good feature. It’s a good feature, you can use it when you’re traveling alone or with some untrusted  person.

I’ll have to wrap up feature section here itself otherwise this post will get much longer. If you want more posts related to Telegram then you can tell us by sending your queries in the comment section.

Pros of Telegram over other chatting apps

If you have smartphone then you’ll have social media app too. WhatsApp is more popular than Facebook these days as because it’s more handy but many users keep Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat all at once. Well, it sounds funny if you don’t use any of them for your business. And now I am telling about Telegram then some may install Telegram and some may think what are of pros of Telegram over other apps. There are many pros of Telegram over others and I’m mentioning them below:

1. Secret chat feature is not available in every social media app but it has.

2. Till now, I haven’t found channel feature in any other chatting app but it has.

3. Draft feature is also great. You don’t need to write again if your app gets crashed.

4. 200K members can be added in a single group which is enough for a YouTuber.

5. Self destruction message is also available in it. You can set a timer in message. If recipient will view that message for that particular time then message will get automatically deleted.

6. You can choose your username if you want other people to find you in Telegram and they don’t have your contact.

7. You can keep more than one account in Telegram app. And you can use them easily by switching.

Features in new update

  • Schedule Message : You can choose the date and time at which you want your messages to be sent. You can use this feature by simply holding on send button(symbol of plane).
  • Reminder : If you hold on send button in saved messages then it will pop up and show reminder. If you click on that reminder then you’ll be able to set date&time at which you want to be reminded.
  • Custom Cloud Theme : You can make your own theme by choosing the colors and you can also let others to use your theme. Simply click on option(triple line at top right corner). Select Settings and then Chat Settings. Now click on triple dots on top right corner and then Create new theme. Set your new themes’s name. Palette will pop up, click on it and make your own theme. After doing everything, click on SAVE THEMEYour theme is there in Color Theme section at last position. If you want to share that theme then click on it’s triple dot and share.
  • New Privacy Setting : If you select Nobody in Who can see my phone number then a new section will open with name “Who can find me by my number?” then select your choice. If you select My Contacts then any user having your number in your device but you haven’t his/her name, they will not get your account in Telegram.
  • Redesigned Message Options(For iOS) :  Now you can select a particular section of a message, really a great feature. I think this feature will come in WhatsApp also.

Your suggestions are always welcomed in our comment section.

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