TechTelegram Latest Update|Telegram 6.0 Brings Chat Folders

Telegram Latest Update|Telegram 6.0 Brings Chat Folders

Telegram 6.0 Latest Update from Telegram

Telegram has surprised their users again with new and exciting features that they brought in the latest update, Telegram 6.0.

Telegram has added Chat Folders, Unlimited Pins, Archived Chats, Desktop Sync, Channel Stats, Voice Recording and Video Recording Animations, New Animated Emojis and a strange Dice Game.

Let’s get to know about these latest features in detail.

Telegram Latest Features

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Chat Folders

Telegram has introduced Chat Folders this time. Few users were requesting to push this feature on Telegram and they have done it. But most of the users were not even thinking about anything like Chat Folders. When Telegram has pushed this feature, users are appreciating it and expecting other Social Media Apps to push this feature on their apps. Chat Folders is to manage the Telegram Chats, Channels, Bots and Groups. It’s quit easy to manage lots of chat now. You’re not needed to download any third-party apps which works on Telegram’s API for this feature.

Steps to Create Chat Folder

Step 1 : Open Telegram and click of top-left hamburger symbol( ).

Step 1 Chat Folder

Step 2 : Click on Settings.

Step 2 Chat Folder

Step 3 : Find Folders and click on it.

Step 3 Chat Folder

Step 4 : Click on Create New Folder.

Step 4 Chat Folder

Step 5 : Now click on Add Chats and then choose whatever your want to keep in folder.

Step 6 : Give the name to the Folder in Folder Name space.

Step 6 Chat Folder

Step 7 : Click on SAVE, placed at top-right corner. Now, you’re up with a new folder.

If you have any query related to this Chat Folder then comment down, we’ll try to help you out.

Unlimited Pins

Unlimited Pins is not available in main page of Telegram. This unlimited pins is applicable in Chat Folders only. You can pin as many chat as much you want and this can be done in every chat folder you have created.

Archived Chats

Archived Chats is one of the way to hide your chat. If you haven’t any Chat Folder then you can archive your chats by simply swiping the chat to the left side.

If you have created Chat Folder then you will have to select the chat, you want to archive. Now click on top-right triple dot() and then click on Archive. Yes, your chat is archived now. You can remove the chats from Archive manually.

Your chats will get automatically out of the Archive and get back to the chat list when your archived chat gets a notification and is unmuted. If your have archived those chats which have been muted then these chats will not get out automatically.

Desktop Sync

Chat Folders will be be automatically synced to Desktop as well. Many of you might have tried to download Telegram Desktop but couldn’t access as because you are a Jio user and accessing the website from Jio’s internet.

If you want to download and use Telegram Desktop then you can directly download this app from Windows Store or Softpedia.

Channel Stats

You have more than 1000 subscribers in your channel ? If yes then it’s for sure that you wanted to know the statistics of your channel, post.

Steps to use Channel Stats

Simply open the channel and then click on the top where profile details is displayed. Now, click on Triple Dots ⋮ and select Statistics. You’re on your most awaited Telegram page now.

Voice & Video Recording Animations

Now, you’ll see wavy animations while voice and video recording from Telegram app. You’ll notice that when you remains silent there will be no movement in the wave but when you’ll say something or make sound then there will be motion in wave.

New Animated Emojis

Amid CoVID-19 outbreak, this app has added new animated emojis which are directly or indirectly related to the Corona Virus.

They have added stickers which are in the shape of CoronaVirus. If you want to checkout these stickers then open

Dice Game

This feature is quite weird as they have introduced animated dice which doesn’t show the same number every time. It shows random number of dots in dice from 1-6(Actual Numbers exist in Ludo Dice).

If you want to try out this Dice Game then search Dice in emoji or type Dice in Message and wait for emoji to appear. When emoji appears, select it and send to the particular chat.

Which feature/features you will try-out after reading this post, let us know by commenting below.

If you face any issue then mention below, we’ll try to sort it out.

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