NewsWhat's New In Telegram v5.15.0 ?

What’s New In Telegram v5.15.0 ?

TelegramThe innovative social media app, Telegram has pushed a new update to their users. It always brings a noticeable update every month and doesn’t wait for other social media apps to push new features so that they could copy. They have pushed a new update this month too, not just to fix bugs but also to bring new features. It feels like as if they are really concerned about their every single user as they are really making user experience amazing.

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Telegram new Features

Telegram has released v5.15.0 on February 14th, 2020. They have packed some great features in this new update and they are as follows :

Redesigned Profile Pages

Fast Media Viewer

People Nearby 2.0

Let’s know what these features can do and how we can use them. Starting with

Redesigned Profile Pages

Telegram has redesigned profile pages and now it looks more convenient than before. Now, you can view old profile pics without opening in full size, open profile pic by directly clicking on the pic when you have the chat opened. Shared contents are being displayed in another style now.


Before Update After Update
Telegram Profile Pic Before v5.15.0_1 Telegram Profile v5.15.0_2
Telegram Profile Pic Before v5.15.0_2 Telegram Profile v5.15.0_2
Telegram Profile Before v5.15.0 Shared Contents Telegram Chat Head v5.15.0 Shared Contents

Fast Media Viewer

If you’re tired of swiping now then you’re gonna enjoy this. Now you are being given one more option to explore Telegram media, just tap on left or right side of the media to preview previous/next media available in your Telegram account.To use this feature, first of all you are needed to open any media and then click either on the left side or right side of the media to preview another image or video.

People Nearby 2.0

On June 23rd,2019, People Nearby was introduced to share contacts with other Telegram users who are nearby to you without adding their contact number or username. It was really a great feature. This feature has taken one step forward with 2.0, now you can choose whether you want to make yourself visible to nearby people or stop showing yourself to others by choosing Make Myself Visible or Stop Showing Me respectively.To use this feature, you are needed to click on top left corner(hamburger symbol) then Contacts and choose Add People Nearby. You’ll be asked about Location permission to use this feature, if you deny then you can’t use this feature.


People Nearby 2.0 Step 1
Step 1 : Click on Top Left Corner

People Nearby 2.0 Step 2
Step 2 : Click on Contacts

People Nearby 2.0 Step 3
Step 3 : Click on Add People Nearby

People Nearby 2.0 Step 4
Step 4 : Click on Turn On 

People Nearby 2.0 Step 5
If will be around you they will appear here


New animated emojis are also added, keeping Valentine’s Day on mind.

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