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As Technical Guruji completes 20M subs, here are India’s Top 5 most subscribed YouTubers

World’s biggest tech YouTuber, Gaurav Chaudhary better known as Technical Guruji has completed 20 million subscribers on YouTube yesterday. He is the first YouTuber from the tech category to reach this milestone.

So, as we are talking about him, let’s also see the list of India’s Top 5 most subscribed YouTuber who are being loved and praised by many people on the internet. Note* This list only includes individual creators, not big YouTube channels or companies.

5. BB KI VINES (19.7 Million)Bhuvan Bam

The channel which took Indian YouTube community to the world stage is currently standing on the 5th position on this list. Bhuvan Bam, the one man army behind BB Ki Vines is undoubtedly India’s most popular YouTuber. He make comedy sketches, write & sing songs, do vlogging and sometime also works in a short film, interesting!

Bhuvan Bam became the first individual Indian YouTuber to complete 10M subscribers on YouTube in September, 2018. Now, he has 19.7 million(1.97 Cr) subscribers on his channel with over 2.91 billion views. Fun fact, he has the most number of channel views on this list. Bhuvan Bam is also the most followed Indian YouTuber around all social medias. Right now, he’s on a break due to some health issues.

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4. TECHNICAL GURUJI (20 Million)Technical Guruji

The Indian Tech Guru, Mr. Gaurav Chaudhary has made a name for himself in the YouTube space with his simple yet effective style of video presentation. He has over 3.3K videos on his channel and he had uploaded all of them in the last 5 years. And why exactly it is important to mention that he did it, in this short span of time? Because the other big tech YouTubers are here on the platform from the last 10 to 12 years and they are not anywhere close to him as per the videos count.

Technical Guruji has the most number of subscribers in the tech category and it’s hard to imagine that because the world is dominated by the English speaking people. So, when a Hindi speaking creator like him overtakes them, it gives you a sense of pride. TG upload 2 videos on a daily basis, even when he is travelling. In a 2018 report, he was labelled as one of the hardest working individual in the YouTube community. TG has over 2.32 Billion channel views as of now.

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3. AMIT BHADANA (21.7 Million)Amit Bhadana

The comedy creator from India, who rise to fame in the shortest span of time is Amit Bhadana. He is one of those comedians, who believes in providing good content with less vulgarity. Amit is the individual, who increased the demand and the amount of desi videos on the internet. His comical rhymes while sledging someone in his videos has made him hugely popular among the users.

In September of 2018, moments after BB Ki Vines crossed 10M subscribers, he surpassed him and sits on top of the list for almost 2 years. Amit has over 1.78 Billion views on his channel and he gained them with just 79 videos, that’s an amazing feat for a channel which mainly uploaded comedy sketches.

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2. ASHISH CHANCHLANI VINES (22.2 Million)Ashish Chanchlani

The OG of Indian vines, who entered the YouTube space lately had overtaken Amit Bhadana some weeks earlier to step up on this list. Ashish Chanchlani is an inspiration for many small creators out there. He has transitioned himself from a comedian to a brilliant actor in these years. He has worked in a web series and has made several short films.

His latest short film “The Dealer” featuring Barkha Singh is a great example of how to make an interesting film with humour and proper messaging. That video has over 50M views on YouTube & Facebook combined. Last year when Ashish Chanchlani and team were on the YouTube fanfest stage, they received one of the biggest pop in fanfest history. That incident made everyone clear about his stardom. ACV has over 2.56 Billion views as of now.

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1. CARRYMINATI (26.7 Million)Carryminati

The name which is headlining several news reports and videos from the last 5 months is Carryminati. The streamer from Faridabad, who is sitting on top of this list, is also the No.1 YouTuber in the whole Asian continent. Ajey Nagar(real name of Carryminati) upload roasting videos, comedy sketches, parodies and music videos on this channel.

In May of this year, he uploaded a video which crashed the internet and ended up creating a huge war between YouTubers & Tiktokers. That video gained him 10M subscribers within 2 weeks and he became the fastest creator in the whole world to achieve that. Currently he has 26.7 Million (2.67 Cr) subscribers with over 1.92 Billion channel views. He is also the 96th most subscribed YouTube channel in the world.

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The race to No.1 has many competitors right now and it’s never been this close between the creators. India as a country has shown the world it’s dominance over the internet. Fun fact, there’s hardly any video on YouTube which doesn’t have a comment by an Indian user.

Kumar Ujjal
Kumar Ujjal
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