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On this International Tea Day learn the benefits of having a cup of tea everyday


On this first International Tea Day, let’s celebrate this magical energetic drink Tea widely known as Chai in India which gives power and energy to millions of people in India and abroad. In India, people can live without water but they can’t leave a day without their cup of tea. Whether in a morning breakfast or evening snacks, it should be accompanied by a cup of tea. A cup of tea helps in bringing the whole family together under one roof. Tea has become an ambassador of India, one of the most prominent things and connection foreigners have with India is because of tea.

The origin of tea stretch back more than 5000 years. It is currently grown in more than 35 Countries and provides support to 13 million people which includes smallholder farmers & their household who depends on tea sector for their livelihood.

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Seeing the drink importance and health benefits United Nations General Assembly has proclaimed 21st May as International Tea Day. The tea production provides livelihood to lower class sector of society in the developing countries. The International Tea Day will be celebrated by bringing together all the major exporting and the importing countries of Tea via visually.

Tea (Chai) in India holds a lot of importance. It has become a need of Indians. India is one of the largest producer of Tea. The North Eastern part of India like Assam, Darjeeling is known for Tea farms. The Biggest Tea Brands are owned by Indians like Tetley, Tata Tea, Red Label and many more.

Health Benefits Of Tea

A study in European Journal of Preventive Cardiology showed people who consume tea  daily are less likely to die prematurely from any cause.

We have always seen our grandmothers and grandfathers consuming tea to reduce head ache. Tea leaves have an exceptional ability of reducing the blood pressure.
Tea contains antioxidants which helps in detoxifying our body impurities, and increases our immunity.

Tea contains less caffeine as compared to Coffee. Caffeine increases the dopamine level in your brain and in order it increases the energy. But the amount of caffeine that a coffee contains is very high. Herbal Tea has no caffeine while  traditionals tea have 50% less caffeine as compared to Coffee.

Consuming tea in daily basis can reduce the risk of heart attack. Some studies have shown there is lower risk of heart on person who consumes green or black tea daily.

If you have ever heard the tale of a weight loss journey, you know the person at some point or the other might have consumed green tea. Green Tea helps a lot in maintaining or reducing your weight alongside a proper workout regimen.

In India you will find different varieties of tea

Assam Tea – These tea plants are grown in lowlands of Assam and is known for their strong flavour, bright colour, this is also known as Black Tea.

Nilgiri Tea– Nilgiri Tea are grown on the Nilgiri Hills and are known for their sweet fragrance. Nilgiri Tea is black tea comes from picturesque tea states of Munnar and Nilgiri in the Western Ghats.

Darjeeling Tea– This is the most popular tea grown in Darjeeling. It is available in Black, green, oolang colour and made from small leaves.

Kangra Tea– Kangra Tea is grown in Himachal Pradesh, Kangra Valley and is black and green in colour. This tea is known for its strong fragrance.



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