NewsTaiwan's President Spokesperson pays tribute to India's Tibetan SFF soldier Nyima Tenzin

Taiwan’s President Spokesperson pays tribute to India’s Tibetan SFF soldier Nyima Tenzin

Taiwan Presidential spokesperson pays tribute to Nyma TenzinTaiwan’s (Republic of China) President Official Spokesperson Kolas Yotaka pays tribute to fallen India’s Tibetan SFF (Special Frontier Force) soldier Nyima Tenzin.

In a tweet she said, “Sad and moving to see the Tibetan national flag covering the casket of Nyima Tenzin, a soldier in India’s Special Frontier Force.”

Nyima Tenzin died on August 30, when he accidentally stepped on an old mine near South of Pangong Tso lake. This was the time when SFF occupying strategic heights at the southern bank of Pangong Tso lake.

SFF (Special Frontier Force) raised during 1962 Indo-China war, mostly consists Tibetan refugee who is living in India.

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In recent days China not only bullying India on border but it also continuously bullying ROC, Australia, Japan and countries in South China sea.

India is always been shy to officially recognise Republic of China as an independent country due to heavy pressure from People’s Republic of China.

PRC doesn’t consider ROC as an independent country, they believe in one China Policy which mean Taiwan is a part of People’s Republic of China.

But in recent days the diplomatic ties between India and Taiwan significantly improved but still India has to officially recognise ROC as an independent country.

Seeing Chinese aggressive stance against its neighbours gives a best opportunity for neighbouring countries to stand united against China.

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