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BTS V’s song ‘Sweet Night’ tops iTunes chart in 114 countries, sets world record

V's Sweet Night
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V aka Kim Taehyung song Sweet Night tops iTunes chart in 114 countries and sets a world record.

It’s time for all the V fans to celebrate and rejoice as their favourite star sets a world record. With Sweet Night, V becomes the youngest artist to have the highest record in the shortest period among all group and solo artists.

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V’s craze extends to all corners of the globe. This was witnessed when ‘Sweet Night’ toped the iTunes chart in 114 countries including US, Japan, UK, Germany, France, Canada, Australia and Brazil. Kim Taehyung also became the first Korean Artist to achieve #1 iTunes feat in Japan.

The musical project without any promotion, attaining this feat clearly tells the impact of V in today’s era. Topping #1 on iTunes Japan is an extremely difficult task but when Kim army comes together nothing is unattainable.

V’s talent and passion for music speaks for himself. Not only army die for his looks and talent, but also how he reciprocates all the love. Every project done by V is a gift and a matter to cherish for all his fans.

‘Sweet Night’ is an official debut solo track by V. However earlier he has released solo tracks such as Scenery and Winter Bear which were only available for free on SoundCloud.

Since this news broke out, V’s fans are gushing over this news. Each army has a big role behind V attaining this much of Global success. #WorldRecordHolderV and #SweetNightMajorSweep started trending on twitter.

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