NewsSubmit IGNOU Assignments During the LockDown Till 30th April

Submit IGNOU Assignments During the LockDown Till 30th April


IGNOU is always known for extending the last date of assignment submission, examination form fill up, new admission and re-registration. As usual, IGNOU extended the submission date of assignments this time as well, from 31st March, 2020 to 30th April, 2020.

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Due to the CoronaVirus pandemic, there is a complete lock-down in India. Many colleges, institutions, schools, universities have been closed temporarily, considering this CoVID-19. IGNOUs in India have been also affected as many students gathers in the campus and that’s why IGNOU closed their study centers. IGNOU has provided their students many online learning platforms to engage in during this lock-down. They are as follows :

  1. SWAYAM On-line Courses
  2. UG/PG MOOCs
  3. e-PG Pathshala
  4. e-Content courseware in UG subjects
  6. CEC-UGC YouTube channel
  7. National Digital Library
  8. Shodhganga
  9. e-Shodh Sindhu
  10. Vidwan

This is the time to submit assignments of different courses for June-session students and for those who haven’t submitted the assignments in December 2019. Students have already got the deadline for assignment submission but due to lock-down, they are confused about the IGNOU assignment submission process.

IGNOU has already flooded their students’ message app about the assignment submission process. But there are so many questions in student’s brain. Regional centers have given different email id for different region students where they students are need to mail their assignment. We have cleared some queries of yours in this post.

Requirements for Assignment Submission

How to Check The Registered Email of IGNOU

Method 1 – Using Website

Step 1 : Open website. Enter your Enrollment Number, Programme Code and Verification Code.

Step 2 : Click on Submit.

Step 3 : Under Admission Status section, you’ll get E-mail ID which has been used in registration.

Method 2 – Using IGNOU Student App

Step 1 : Download app from playstore. Open the app.

Step 2 : Enter your Enrollment No., Program and Date of Birth.

Step 3 : Click on Submit.

Step 4 : Click on Registration Detail. Here, you’ll get your registered email id under Admission Status.

How to Scan Assignments

For scanning the assignments, you should have scanner and if you don’t have scanner then you can use Microsoft Office Lens or Adobe Scan in your smartphone. It’ll help you in capturing pics and making pdf files. If you don’t get Save as PDF then don’t be confused, you’ll get Export option to save as pdf.

You’re needed to scan different assignments and make different pdf files. For example: If you have BEGF101 and FEG02, then you’e needed to scan BEGF101 and then make a pdf file for this. Similarly, you’ll have to make a pdf file for FEG02.

You’re needed to added your ID card in the front page of assignment. You can do this by adding the ID Card through Import option.

How to Download ID Card Using IGNOU Student App

Step 1 : Open the app in your phone.

Step 2 : Click on ID Card if you’ve already logged in else login first.

Step 3 : You’ll be redirected to the browser and your id card will be downloaded.

Step 4 : This file is password protected. Password is your enrollment number.

How to Find Subject Code

Open your assignment question paper. Then move to the main questions’ page. On top-right, you’ll see Course Code. Code on right of Course Code is your Subject Code.

Way to Send Email for Assignment Submission

Step 1 : Open your registered email account.

Step 2 : Compose Email(Click on + in Gmail App).

Step 3 : In To, enter the email id to whom you’ll send assignment. (You can check for the email id in Message) [For example: One student got [email protected] in message so he’ll add this email id in To.]

Step 4 : In Subject, enter your enrollment number, name, program code, subject code and study centre code. [For example: Subject : 111111111, XYZ, BCOM, FEG02, 2222]

Step 5 : In Compose email, enter your enrollment number, name, program code, subject code and study centre code. This is to make sure that college doesn’t miss your assignment.

For example 
Name : XYZ
Enrollment Number : 111111111
Program Code : BCOM
Subject Code : FEG02
Study Centre Code : 2222

Step 6 : Now attach the ID Card and scanned assignment by clicking on the clip symbol at top. (There’ll be one ID Card pdf and one scanned assignment, having ID card inside as well.)

Step 7 : Now send by clicking on the plane symbol. Do this as much times as much subjects you have with different scanned assignment and Subject Code.

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