NewsDuffer Brothers Gifts their Fans With Stranger Things Season 4 Teaser

Duffer Brothers Gifts their Fans With Stranger Things Season 4 Teaser

Stranger Things 4
Stranger Things 4

On friday, 14th feb Netflix dropped the teaser of Stranger Things Season 4 and with this  speculations have again started among the fans regarding the Easter egg given by Duffer Brothers. The teaser acted as a valentine present from Duffer Brothers to their fans.

The video, released by Netflix, not only serves to announce that the new season is in production and on its way, but it answers the major cliffhanger question left from the Season 3 finale. Checkout the teaser here

The teaser shows that the settings of the series has taken place in Russia but the biggest revelation from the teaser is Hopper.
From the teaser we can see that people are working on railway track and as the Camara pans forward, we can see Hopper.
But the look of Hopper and his expression surely amazed the fans.

What can we expect from Stranger Things 4?

After defeating Russian operative Grigori in a harrowing fistfight, Hopper, played by David Harbour, damaged a machine that was opening a gate to the infamous Upside Down. Realizing that he couldn’t escape the ensuing blast, Hopper seemingly allows himself to die in an explosion that saved his town. The season ends in Kamchatka, Russia, where there’s mention of an American prisoner. Since then, there have been countless theories about the identity of the American and with this teaser it’s clear that more certainly The American is Hopper, who has been prisoned by the Russians.

From the teaser it can also be seen that the Russians are upto something, so it might happen that the Russians are trying to open the gate again and they are using Hopper in doing so.

The biggest question here is how will eleven save Hopper from the Americans?
At the end of season 3, eleven lost all her powers so how will eleven regain all her powers and how will she save hopper. In the announcement video it revealed that “We are not in Hawkins anymore” so will eleven and her team travel all the way to Russia to save Hopper from the Russians or will she again visit the upside down.

Season 4 is shaping up to be the biggest and most frightening season yet, and we cannot wait for everyone to see more. In the meantime — pray for the American,” the Duffer brothers said.

Only time would reveal what  Duffer Brothers are planning for their fans, till then grip yourself and get ready for a roller coaster ride

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