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Stranger Things season 4 announced: Coming soon

Stranger Things
(Source :- Stranger things)

On September 30, Stranger Things released a video on their YouTube channel announcing their 4th season.

Last night on twitter, Stranger Things teased their fans with a tweet

And from the last 24 hours it is trending on Twitter.

In the announcement video, the visuals confirms that in the next season they’re not in Hawkins anymore. So, what does it mean? What could be the story of Season 4?

What Can We Expect From Season 4?

  1.  In the coming season the audience will come to know Whether Hopper Is Alive Or Not? Hopper is the biggest point of talk. In the climax of previous season it was shown that Hopper sacrificed his life in order to close the gate, but in the post credit scene it was seen some Russian soldiers are talking about a American, so is Hopper that American? Hopper is an emotion for Stranger Things fans so hope so Hopper is alive.
  2.  Will El Get Her Powers Back? One of the most strongest and loveable character El who is seen loosing her power at the end of season 3. So the biggest question is, if the creatures from upside down returns who will save the kids?
  3. Will Kali Return In Season 4?
    Kali has been shown in 2nd season. She has supernatural powers just like El.
    So the question arises is, will the fans see the two sisters fighting against the Mindflayer. If this happens it will be a treat for the fans.
  4.  Return Of Brenner
    In season 2 there was a scene where a Dr revealed that El’s and Kali’s father is still alive. This will be also be one of the biggest revelation of the season. So can Brenner be that American who has been imprisoned by the Russians? Can Brenner’s character be evolved, showing him saving the humans against the Mindflayer.

About Stranger Things

Stranger things web series was set in 1980s. In season 1, a group of young friends witness some supernatural forces and the secrets of their government which they are hiding from citizens of Hawkins. There we first time experience the world of upside down in stranger things. It is fully packed with suspense and horror.

The second season of stranger things continues the story of Upside Down and also shows that how the kids of Hawkins including El work together to save their city from “The Mind Flayer“.

While season 3 continue the series with same settings but the presentation of this season was just mind blowing. This season is more darker and action packed than its previous seasons.

Stranger Things
(Source :- Stranger Things)

Now its very interesting to see what Duffer Brother will be going to show us in season 4. Fans are just going crazy since the announcement has been made about the new season.

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