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The story of Australian surfer being abducted, raped every night in Kashmir for 2 months

Australian Surfer

Australian SurferCarmen Greentree, a pro Australian surfer was held captive on a houseboat and raped every night for 2 months in 2004, after she was kidnapped in Kashmir.

After 16 years Carmen has released a book named “A Dangerous Pursuit Of Happines” to narrate her abduction and how she recovered.

At the age of 22, Carmen came to India to study under the Dalai Lama ashram in Dharamshala.

She landed on New Delhi in May 2004 without much of a plan. ‘I had travelled so much that I was used to winging it as I went,’ she explained.

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Seeing she was lost, a young man approached her and offered to take her to a person who could arrange her journey to Dharamshala.

They convinced her to fly to Srinagar before going to Dharamshala. In Srinagar she was picked up by Rafiq Ahmad Dundoo on 27 May.

Eventually, Carmen was forced to stay in a room of the houseboat on Dal Lake and he raped her every night for 2 months on the boat, and also assaulted her whenever he wanted.

‘I lost track of how many times he raped me. I’ve blocked it out so much I don’t remember most of [the assaults] anymore,’ she said.

‘I was completely broken, I wasn’t even me anymore. I was existing as a shell.’ Dailymail quoted her in its article.

Rafiq made Carmen believe that if she was found in the heavily-militarised area without any documents (Rafiq taken her all documents) she would be thrown into the jail.

On the boat were Dundoo’s family living including a elderly mother and father, two brothers, and his wife, and their baby. None of them help her.

Finally, Carmen suffering came to an end when Rafiq made a mistake and asked money from her family.

On July 25, several police boats arrived and armed officers stormed the houseboat and whisked her away to safety.

She now works in holistic medicine and lives on the banks of Lake Illawarra, south of Wollongong, with her husband Grant and three children.



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