News Spain Declares Lockdown Amidst Coronavirus Threat

Spain Declares Lockdown Amidst Coronavirus Threat

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The Coronavirus outbreak lead Spain to follow the path of Italy and declare Nationwide Shutdown. The Coronavirus pandemic caused cancellation of many big events and the global economy is heading towards recession. Total of 135 countries and territories have reported confirmed cases of Covid-19. The total number of global cases has surpassed 1,50,000 including more than 5700 fatalities. Over 75000 patients are reported to have recovered from the virus.

Spaniards will be restricted to stay in their home from Monday morning. The decision of Shutdown by Spain came, as new 1500 cases of Covid-19 were reported. Spain recorded 191 deaths and 6046  infections. Spain is the second worst- hit country in Europe after Italy.

On Friday, WHO(World Health Organisation) said “Europe is now the new epicenter of the pandemic”. Sanchez said, “During the state of emergency, people will only be allowed out on to public streets for the following reasons: to buy food, basic or pharmaceutical items; to attend medical centres; to go to and from work; to look after children, older people or those with disabilities or who are especially vulnerable; and to attend financial or insurance offices on force majeure grounds.”
Begona Gomez, the wife of Spanish Prime Minister has been tested positive.

France is taking all the precautionary measures and have ordered closure of non essential shops,cafes, restaurants and cinemas. On Friday, Donald Trump declared a state of emergency seeing the Coronavirus outbreak across the globe and how could it affect public life.

Trump tested Negative

US President Donald Trump has been tested negative. Trump submitted the test after coming in close contact with a member of Brazilian Presidential Delegation, who have been tested positive.

One week after having dinner with the Brazilian delegation at Mar-a-Lago, the President remains symptom-free,” said the White House Physician”.

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