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The Space Sector is now open for private players, said ISRO Chief K Sivan

ISRO Chairman
K Sivan

Space Sector will be open for private players means, The private industry will also be offered opportunities to undertake Research and Development activities and be co-traveller in advanced inter-planetary missions.  This is planned through a series of Announcement of Opportunities. Opportunities in Human Space Flight Programme is already announced.

K Sivan said, “If the space sector is opened (for private enterprises), the potential of the entire country can be utilised to scale up benefits from space technology. It will not only result in the accelerated growth of the sector but also enable Indian industry to be an important player in the global space economy,”

“As part of longer socio-economic reform, space reforms will improve access to space-based services for India’s development. Far-reaching reforms will put India in the league of few countries with efficient promotional and authorisation mechanism for private-sector space activities,” he said.

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An open and inclusive space sector will result in accelerated growth, job creation as well as innovations and will enable Indian Space Industry to be a significant player in global space economy.

Under these reforms, an autonomous nodal agency called Indian National Space Promotion and Authorisation Center (IN-SPACe) is being established under Department of Space as a separate vertical for permitting and regulating the activities of private industry in space sector. IN-SPACe will act as a national nodal agency to hand-hold and promote private endeavours in space sector and for this ISRO will share its technical expertise as well as facilities.

IN-SPACe will have its own independent Directorates for Technical, Legal, Safety & Security, Monitoring as well as Activities Promotion for assessing the private industry requirements and further coordinating the activities.

K Sivan said, “Department of Space will promote sector space activities to enable it to provide end to end space services, including building and launching of rockets and satellites as well as providing space-based services on a commercial basis.”

He further said that, “Space sector, where India is among a handful of countries with advanced space technology, can play a significant role in boosting the industrial base of India.”

“With this, there is an opportunity for large scale employment in the technology sector and India becoming a global technology powerhouse,” ISRO chief added.

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