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South superstar Vikram turns 54 today, here are his highest rated films

Vikram Turns 54
Chiyaan Vikram

On Friday, April 17 Chiyaan Vikram will celebrate his 54th birthday. This year due to the lockdown, the fans of the actor might not be able to celebrate Vikram’s birthday as they usually do every year but their well wishes will definitely reach him.

Vikram Turns 54
Chiyaan Vikram

Born on April 17, 1966 as Kennedy John Victor now better known by Vikram is currently a famous name in the Indian Film Industry. His filmy carrier started off in 1990 with his debutant film “En Kadhal Kanmani” and was followed by several small budget Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam films. As of 2020, Vikram is been part of 57 films as an Actor. Here is a list of films by Vikram which you will definitely like.

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10. IRU MUGAN (2016)
Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Director: Anand Shankar
IMDb: 6.3

09. RAAVANAN (2010)
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama
Director: Mani Ratnam
IMDb: 6.8

08. DHILL (2001)
Genre: Action, Drama
IMDb: 7.0

07. DHOOL (2003)
Genre: Action, Drama
Director: Dharani
IMDb: 7.1

06. SAAMY (2003)
Genre: Action, Drama
Director: Hari
IMDb: 7.3

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05. I (2015)
Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller
Director: S. Shankar
IMDb: 7.3

04. SETHU (1999)
Genre: Action, Drama, Romance
Director: Bala
IMDb: 8.0

Genre: Drama, Family, Musical
Director: A.L. Vijay
IMDb: 8.1

02. ANNIYAN (2005)
Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller
Director: S. Shankar
IMDb: 8.2

01. PITHAMAGAN (2003)
Genre: Action, Drama
Director: Bala
IMDb: 8.4

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Vikram got the recognition after his 1999 hit film “Sethu” which later even got a remake in Hindi as “Tere Naam” starring Salman Khan in the lead role. His films like Anniyan(Aparichit) and “I” are still considered his best films because of it’s pan India popularity. His last release “Kadaram Kondan” is a huge hit. It grossed 110 Cr in Box office.

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Fansare waiting for his next release “Dhruva Natchathiram” which is scheduled to hit the theatre on December 18, 2020. Cobra was slated to release this summer but it might get rescheduled due to the Corona virus outbreak in the world.



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