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Sony launches their Canon R5 competitor, Sony A7S III comes with a ‘flippable’ screen

Sony A7S III
Image credit: Matti Haapoja

Sony launched their Canon EOS R5 competitor, Sony A7S III with some really good high end specs. The camera records video upto 4K at 120fps and full HD at 240fps. The biggest upgrade Sony has done here is by giving a flipout screen, finally! They claims that the A7S III doesn’t overheat.

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The camera packs a bunch of exciting new features. The video recording limit has been removed by Sony, that’s a good thing. Also, now you’ll get two card slots in the A7S III, which will help in shooting videos continuosly for hours. We all know how good is Sony’s low light performance but here we’re witnessing something bigger.

Sony said the A7S III can go up to 409,600 ISO, which means that the camera will handle any low light situation easily. It records 4K 10-bit 4:2:2 internal videos which is nice but the sensor size(12.1MP) is still the same as A7S II. The camera has 15 stops dynamic range and it comes with a S-Cinetone picture profile, which in my opinion looks dope.

Even though the camera has a full frame sensor, there is still a doubt about the crop factor in 4K. The overall specification and pricing of Sony A7S III directly competes with the Canon R5. But the specifications on the sony doesn’t excites that a much to me. It’s good no doubt but when you hear about its pricing, things get little crazy.

The pricing of Sony A7S III body is around £4,200 or $3,498. The Canon EOS R5 comes at a price of $3,899 but it offers 8K Raw footage with fast auto focus and also has a brilliant image stabilization. This Sony camera has also inbuilt image stabilization but is not that good as compared to the R5.

The camera is available to order on B&H. Click here to visit the store.

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