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Sonu Sood, the Nation’s Hero today turns 47

Sonu sood
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Sonu Sood, the saviour for the migrants, an angel for the needy and an inspiration for the youth across the country today turns 47. The reel life villan, during the need of the hour turned out to be a Superhero in the real life.
A term that is being used for the actor is, “Jinka Koi Nhi Hota, Unke Liye Sonu Sood Hote Hai”.

More than just an actor, Sonu Sood paved a path for all those people who want or wish to do something for their country. The actor today celebrates his 47th Birthday, and the entire country is pouring wishes, thanks, and expressing gratitude for all that he is done in all these days.

Not only Sonu Sood proved his ability to charm audience in the 70mm big screen, but also in the real world. The uncountable good deeds and his drive to help the people is being been appreciated and celebrated by the countrymen during these unprecedented times. It will not be wrong to say, Sonu Sood is One Man Army.

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Many Bollywood people came forward in fight against Coronavirus, but the way the Happy New Year star helped the migrants in indefinable. After India announced strict lockdown, Sonu along with his team helped thousands of migrant workers to get back to their home. Not only did he organised a systematic process following all the SOP’s, but also visited the site for a final wave-off to the real pillars of this nation (The Migrants).

Following the teachings of his mother, Sonu has not only won as an actor but also as a human being. The pain, grief and the sorrow of millions of migrant was not something the actor could bear. The impact of Sonu can be felt from all those people, who before reaching to the Government, ask help from the actor. Termed as ‘Bhai‘ or ‘Saab‘, people across Social Media are tagging Sonu and pleading for help.

Sonu never wastes a moment to reply people who require assistance. The actor goes out of his way to ensure that the needy doesn’t face any hardship or struggle. During these 3-4 months Sonu Sood has earned a lot of trust, love and respect from people of India.

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Not only did the actor stop here, in his new initiative Pravasi Rojgar, he aims to provide job opportunities to more than 2 million migrant workers. The actor has tied up with Learnet Skills in this noble gesture.

To this the actor said, “Everytime I sent someone home, they would tell me we will come back if we get work.They would call me from their villages and say ‘sir kaam dila do’ (please help in getting a job). I realised that there was a gap in their skill sets and the jobs that were available. Most of them did not have access to information on jobs either,” 

Sonu is in constant touch with people through his social media accounts. The old people are showering their blessings, the youth are showcasing respect towards him. Time and again it is witnessed that people are paying tribute in their own way to our beloved Sonu.

The actor oh his birthday shared a very special memory, a telegram that was send to his Dad. On this occasion the actor took to his Instagram to share this fond memory of him with his fans.

Look at some of Sonu Sood’s tweets here:



On his 47th birthday, the actor has planned to organise medical camps across the country, which he expects 50,000 people to attend. “I have been planning this for quite some time, and been speaking to a lot of doctors already in Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Punjab and Orissa. But now, floods have hit Assam and Bihar, so we are trying how to hold them there. They can’t be regular camps where thousands of people used to come. It will be free of cost”.

Sonu’s tireless work in fight against Coronavirus, will surely pay dividends. The actor, as a human being will continue to inspire the millennials of the country. In true sense Sonu Sood is the face of ‘Hardwork, dedication, persistence and most importantly a true human being’ in Indian Cinema.



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