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Sonam Wangchuk seeks help from citizens to change China, “Wallets rather than Bullets”

Sonam Wangchuk seeks help from citizens
Sonam Wangchuk seeks help from citizens
Courtney:- Sonam Wangchuk YouTube Channel

Sonam Wangchuk again for the second time in his YouTube video seeks help from citizens to change China and to answer Chinese incrusion with wallets rather than bullets. He said, “Yes you can solve our problem and not only that you have the power to even avert a world war.”

These requests from Wangchuk came after Chinese army has intruded deep inside Indian territory in Ladakh region.

He explained how Shepherds in Ladakh who raised the famous cashmere goats have lost a lot of their pastures and are in deep trouble.

He said a full fledged war in between India and China is not a solution as both the countries are nuclear powers, He once again suggested, wallet power which in this case can even defuse a bullet war between different countries.

Sonam Wangchuk appeals to the citizens of India to boycott all Chinese software within a week and hardware in a year.

On China claims that Indian Army intruded into their territory Sonam Wangchuk said, “It could not be a coincidence that at the same time in the months of April and May Vietnamese decide to bother China Taiwan and the US Navy also decide to bother China and the timing is important this is the time when the whole world is dealing with the pandemic who would even think of border disputes,”

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“China being a totalitarian regime fears not so much the bullet power of India, what it fears most is its own people the 1.4 billion people that work like bonded laborers without any rights. In this pandemic situation Chinese businesses are shut, factories are shut unemployment reaches 20%, and it’s time for an uprising and that’s when China picks up fights with several of its neighbors to divert the attention of angry citizens from the economy to nationalism.” Sonam Wangchuk added

The Communist government of China, many times diverted citizens attention by creating a dispute with neighbours. 1962 China attacked India only to divert the attention of their citizens from the Great Chinese Famine which caused more than 15 million deaths.

Sonam Wangchuk also answers some of the frequently asked questions like

Is it right to boycott goods from a particular country ?

Sonam Wangchuk said, “Normally not when it is among equal partners but my simple tribal mind says that China is not a normal country, if the world was a club of peaceful sheep China is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It doesn’t respect the rules of the game it’s a totalitarian regime run by a clique it’s not representative of its people in fact it’s people are just an instrument for its expansionist ambitions.”

“China is laying a deathtrap around the world, already countries like Sri Lanka have lost their land (Hambanthota Port) as they couldn’t pay the debt, Pakistan is soon becoming a colony of this kind, in Africa Djibouti has already lost its land for China. Countries like Tonga have debts that amount to 44 percent of its GDP,” He added.

How can we manage without Chinese good and what are the alternatives ?

He answered, Well if we are determined and give enough time to businesses and Industry things will adapt themselves. So that’s why I say boycott made in China software in a weak hardware in a year, so your software apps like TikTok, Hello that you have on your mobile phones you can immediately uninstall and uninstall in millions so that China gets a message. As for hardware like phones computers clothing we take a year slowly choose products sourced out of the free world.

He also mentioned how the people of world has double standards, how we overlooked everything only because we want trade with China. The whole world is silent when China annexed Mongolia, Tibet, Xinjiang killed millions and millions of innocent citizens but we just want trade.

Sonam Wangchuk lastly said, Boycotting Chinese goods is only way we can bring the Chinese regime on the discussion table for peace dialogues.



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