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Controversial statements by Sonam Kapoor that landed her into trouble

Sonam Kapoor
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Bollywood Diva Sonam Kapoor today celebrates her 35th birthday. The fans are pouring her with birthday wishes and The actress made her debut opposite Ranbir Kapoor in 2007, Saanwariya and is known for fashion style. Young girls look upto her as a fashion Diva. The fashion icon, Sonam has been making appearance in Cannes Red Carpet for her style and essence.

The Bollywood actress is also widely known for giving controversial statements without worrying about trolls. Here we will look at 5 controversial statements by Sonam Kapoor that landed her into trouble.

Being not good looking makes you a better actor in Bollywood

Sonam Kapoor’s statement caused her a huge backlash. Sonam directly attacked people who have made a name for themselves without being that much good looking and surviving in the industry. Sonam was termed as a “product of nepotism” who doesn’t understand the struggle of outsiders.
Sonam termed it as, “if you are not good looking people will remember you as a good actor”. People like Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Prankaj Tripathi, Zeeshan Ayyub made their mark because of their acting.

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When Sonam Kapoor labelled a man harasser

When Sonam complaint about traffic, global warming and pollution, a twitter user showed Sonam the hard reality tweeting” traveling in luxury cars and staying 24 hours in an A/C room, before preeching you should travel in Public transport. To this Sonam replied, ” Because of men like you women feels unsafe to travel in public transport” and labelled him as harasser. Sonam Kapoor was heavily trolled for this. People claimed Sonam Kapoor to be a fake feminist who just want to show herself superior.

Sonam Kapoor calling Aishwarya Rai Bachchan “Aunty”.

Sonam likes to be in limelight and headlines. During an Interview Sonam Kapoor said, “Ash worked with my father so I need to call her aunty na”. This was taken too personally by Aishwarya fans and they started trolling the actress. It is assumed, Aishwarya Rai replaced Sonam as the face of a cosmetic brand which didn’t go to well with the actress. However Sonam later clarified her statement was “misquoted and misunderstood”.

Sonam Defending her friend Tanmay Bhatt on rape remark

Sonam Kapoor and Tanmay Bhatt have been old friends. Sonam stood by Tanmay through thick and thin. Tanmay controversial tweet saying, “how do you know children don’t enjoy rape” was highly criticized by the people but Sonam defending Tanmay said “overreacting”. Sonam who is considered flag bearer of feminism didn’t find any fault in it. She rather praised Tanmay for his wit & humour. Sonam Kapoor was termed as “fake feminist” who uses her feminism as a way to gain fame & limelight.

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