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Smriti Irani words of appreciation for India’s “Corona warrior” Sonu Sood

If you use social media regularly, you must have come across this gentleman named Sonu Sood, who is helping hundreds of migrant workers reach their homes safely. Sonu Sood is an Indian film actor, producer and model, who is widely known for his role in Dabangg as Cheddi Singh.Sonu Sood

India is one of the most affected countries in the world due to this Coronavirus outbreak. The sudden lockdown announcement brought major problems to the country’s labourers. Due to this lockdown, there were no jobs for them left in the cities and after some day they were also out of money.

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So, thousands of migrant workers have decided to go back to their native places because they thought that this is their last chance of survival. As the country is in lockdown no train and buses were running, so their wish of returning to their houses left unfinished.

As this sad news reached Sonu Sood, he decided that he will help as many people as he can and send them back to their houses safely. From about 2 weeks, sonu sood is accepting requests from hundreds of people who are asking him for help. The man has become India’s “Corona warrior” and we are not quoting him with this name, the people who received help from him gave him this name.

India’s Textile minister, Smriti Irani today took to her Twitter and appreciated the work of Mr. Sonu Sood. Here’s what she said

Actor Ravi Kishan commented on the tweet saying यही सब याद रहता हैं दुनिया मैं ????. Not just the ministers and actors only, if you go through the internet right now, you will see thousands of memes, posts, messages, tweets sent to Sonu for doing this “Great Work of Humanity”.

Sonu Sood replies to Smriti Irani’s tweet by saying

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